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  • Sometimes people feel like they’re a terrible person, and this translates into “sinner” which the Church promises to fix.  The more terrible she feels, the more susceptible she is to this way of thinking.

    There are times when a depressed person will violently reject everything they love, because it’s antithetical to their new depressed way of…[Read more]

  • Anna replied to the topic Losing Friends to Religion in the forum Atheism 14 minutes ago

    @Dang This is so low! How could he laugh at your weight? It must hurt a lot to realize that he probably wanted to hurt you. I am so sorry about that. It is absolutely unfair.

  • Anna replied to the topic Losing Friends to Religion in the forum Atheism 22 minutes ago

    @Simon. Yes that is exactly what I thought.

    She was always feeling isolated living abroad (she still does not speak the language very well although she spent 10+ years there) and additionally she lost two very close familiars in one single year. I was trying to be there for her, calling frequently, asking how she was feeling etc. I couldn’t be…[Read more]

  • I had a friend who would tell me I was going to hell everyday. I used to answer with “thanks for caring” and tried to keep it light. It got worse and finally I asked him to stop with all that. He couldn’t. I threatened his house of cards with my very existence.

  • @anna, it sounds to me like your friend could be depressed, and this conversion to Catholicism is snarling up the problem even worse.  Don’t take it personally.

  • …..Case in point, follow up.… I absolutely positively detest EVERYTHING about Donald Trump….But I have friends who voted for him. And they plan to vote for him again. I am amazed at their stupidity! We agree to disagree. When they explained to me there are reasons for supporting him, I can understand where they’re coming from to a certain ext…[Read more]

  • Just the simple fact of the way this person commented on your weight…They are not your friend.

    I have many different friends from all different types of walks of life. Some agree with me, some don’t. Some think the way I do, some don’t. I think it is a sign of maturity when you can sit across the table from somebody who holds a different point…[Read more]

  • Glen D replied to the topic A Better Place in the forum Atheism 10 hours, 24 minutes ago

    Even people who accept evolution believe in “heaven”.

    Yeah, and Elvis is a live and living in Tweed, Ontario. He performs twice a year. You should go check it out.

    Well yair, Evolution is officially accepted by Catholics. No conflict is seem with the Book Of  Genesis, which is not seen as literal.

    At the Catholic school I atte…

    [Read more]

  • The person you miss, is not actually the person she is now.  The person you miss has gone, and is unlikely to return.  The person she is now, is totally incompatible with you.  Not because of her faith. Because of her attitude about her faith.

    She may at some stage mellow, or deconvert, and then she will be yet another person – who you may or ma…[Read more]

  • Anna, I have also lost contact with old friends when I stopped believing. I just let them go because even Satan believes in god…so I guess I am worse then the devil himself to those people. There are lots of wonderful people who wouldn’t care !

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