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    It is also the day to remember the words of “The Great Agnostic” Robert Green Ingersoll:

    “It is not our obligation to stand still and allow ourselves to be murdered by the one who thinks it is his duty to take our lives.”



    It is our obligation to get the facts right before embarking on “mass destruction” in “retaliation”. Consultation with “the lord” does not count. The response after the missed prevention was nothing short of 100% idiotic.





    True enough.  Remember, this was coming from The Little Bush Boy (as Bill Maher calls him) who actually called Islam “The Religion of Peace and Compassion” (TM), so you know he ain’t right.

    It is also a day to remember that there are those who actually defended the unspeakable atrocity of that day:

    Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson on 9/11


    …and Pat Robertson once ran as a “spirit-filled” Presidential candidate and wanted all the “spirit-filled” Christians to vote for him.

    I recall Christopher Hitchens saying about Falwell (in one of my fav slaps of all time) that “if you gave Jerry Falwell an enema you could bury him in a matchbox”.


    One day I walked for 12 hours around Manhattan and ended my self managed tour at the 911 Memorial. It was a very strange feeling as it was the first time all day that there was complete silence and no other people nearby. It was as if the space was mine for a time. The city remained silent as I continued down towards Battery Park to view The Statue of Liberty. I walked for about another hour back towards the hotel and heard David Bowie music everywhere as it was about a month after he died.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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