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    Fellow Unbelievers,

    Something that has definite sinister implications for freedom in the world, and for Secularists in particular:

    The China-brokered Saudi-Iran deal has big repercussions for the Middle East — and the U.S.

    And since Putin’s Revanchist Russia is also allied with Red China, this is like a mega-collection of villians from TV Tropes:


    Just waiting for the modern-day Churchill to proclaim a “New Iron Curtain.”



    For freedom for the rest of us in the form of paradism where computers and robots replace us in the workforce one of the ways to make this come about is make work optional not mandatory give everyone on the planet a basic universal income to cover their needs for living on Earth and make the acuqisition of wealth to no longer be the driving force in our lives.




    Even the most powerful AI in the world still needs humans to maintain it. Take it from one who baby-sits 9 registers on a self-checkout. SkyNet’s not ready for Prime Time yet. And don’t get me started on that UBI nonsense!



    The only reason China or the US gives two shitz about Saudi and Iran is oil. The sooner we get off the oil, the better. China has its’ own pending demographic issues:

    So, the worker-to-retiree ratio is going to be a huge, and some of the results of that will definitely impede economic growth, for example, pension shortfalls, huge public health implications, big economic implications for the growth markets. The kind of markets where we see innovation, where we see creativity are typically younger work force markets, and not elderly populations.

    The US is slowly deglobalizing and bringing supply chains back home.

    China is at peak power and will have to make whatever big moves soon before her economy declines further.




    The implication of all this for dissenters and Secularists is that, with Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, and Iran all in together, they can now better coordinate travel routes and can make extradition treaties with each other.

    From there, the authorities in these nations all can nab, return, prosecute, imprison, and murder dissenters and Apostates trying to escape the clutches of tyranny with the greatest of ease. All it would take is a deliberately broken down bus or a planned delayed flight and escapees are like fish in a barrel. And all of these nations are big swipes of real estate to get stuck in, so dissenters and Apostates are literally fit to be tied!

    Closer coordination between these evil regimes would mean more cooperation in the United Nations on the latest daily move to bash the U.S. Israel, and other nations friendly to Western ideals. They could also use their united might to pressure smaller, weaker nations to go along even easier.

    I can also see Saudi Arabia saying to the rest: “Hey, guys! Want to get in on the Sheikh’s new vanity project and get rid of some liabilities at the same time? Send us a couple million Uighurs, Ukes, and Ba’hais to do the slave labor!”

    Truly sinister implications from the worst regimes on the Planet becoming The No-Good-Nik Bloc!




    We can get off their oil the faster we get back on our own oil and also start building nuclear plants once again.

    As for Red China, Marian Tupy of has it right: Economic growth and progress takes both people and freedom. Red China has the people end all right, even with the reduction of growth, but has little on the freedom end, and even less so with it’s new systems of mass surveillance and “social credit scoring.”

    (There’s yet another problem with this new alliance: Red China could share it’s tyranny tech with Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Iran for their use. Facial recognition could be used to ID women shirking the burqua. Russia already surveils social media for anti-Putin content and would be further aided with dossier compilation.)

    Lots remains to be seen in which way the world is going. Here’s hoping we can hold back the night.

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