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    I am currently a student in the field of climate change, so I am probably more aware than most on the issue. I live and breathe it on a daily basis…

    I’ve tried very hard to have a level head on the issue. I try to be wary of becoming a fanatic, or going overboard. The fact of the matter is…there is just no good news when it comes to climate change, and once you become educated on the subject, it’s impossible to ignore.

    I’ve started to worry about how it will affect my son, and his children, and their children, and so on….I am starting to plan my life around the very real fact that there will be lots of people who do not survive the effects of climate change. Even in the United States. We are not immune to it. And ignorance is NOT bliss…

    I came across this article today:

    So living in the Seattle area is actually a safe bet….

    EXCEPT for the fact that we’re sitting on the ticking time bomb of thee biggest natural disaster our country has ever seen which could happen at any moment….

    I fact checked the above article and it’s pretty accurate….with the exception of the Tsunami…it will not be as bad in this area but it will be bad down south: @unseen beware!

    But ultimately all of this has put me in a position of fear. I am STRUGGLING to keep up with the cost of living where I am. I am looking for a safe place to raise my son where I do not have to be under as much stress. I’m looking on possibly moving but I don’t know where to do.

    I just want to feel safe and have a good life. I want my son to flourish and have a good life. Is that too much to ask?

    I am looking and considering the effects of climate change in my decision on where to live. Most people would probably think I’m crazy, but most people don’t know the facts. I cannot move home to Albuquerque because they ARE running out of water. Many places already don’t have it. Water is VITAL to life!!!

    What is a single mother to do in trying to raise her children in this world? Where can we go that will be safe? I am not sure I want to ride the gamble that the big earthquake won’t happen in my son’s lifetime. If I choose to stay in the Seattle area I’m placing a bet on our lives.

    Am I crazy for thinking like this? Where should we go? Where can we go? Should we go anywhere? Am I worrying for nothing? Does it ultimately matter where we live?

    A big problem is that I feel like I was forced to live here. So I feel an urge to leave simply because I was taken here against my will. I want to move somewhere that I have chosen. Not that was chosen FOR me. So maybe the answer IS to stay put and not worry about the big earthquake that’s coming….or…maybe I need to move. But where?

    Does anyone else share my sentiment that they are trying to plan for safety and take into consideration what’s happening to our planet? It’s really scary. It wouldn’t be AS scary if I had a support system. Solitude is painful.



    Another recent article:

    There’s been a lot of talk about the earthquake here in recent days…has me TOTALLY scared….




    OK last one, I promise….

    I’m really scared people. I don’t have the money to go buy weeks worth of supplies needed. I’m living in an apartment that’s already falling apart, and I’m scared. I don’t know how to get rid of this fear. I feel so alone and I hate it. I hate feeling so helpless and like there’s nothing I can do. I have a son who depends on me. I can’t let him down.



    “Because we regularly deny or underestimate the reality of climate change’s existence, ” Slade warns, “climate change will, by definition, come sooner than we expect.”



    Earthquakes happen on a geological time scale. Could be this afternoon, could be the middle of the night 100 years from now. Could be anytime. You probably have time to lay in some emergency supplies. Water is most important. Do you have a cat? I have one and buy her litter in plastic jugs. The litter is only clay (chemically neutral) and baking soda (not exactly a poison). When I empty one, I rinse it out nicely and then fill it with tap water. Each jug holds about 3.5 gallons of water. Keep a 4 week supply of canned goods on hand. Canned goods are safe and don’t require you to waste water preparing them. In fact, you can eat ravioli right out of the can. A basic First Aid kit is important. Finally, you might want to get one of those things you can use to charge your phone without using wall current.



    I think I do need to start preparing. If nothing else it will give me peace of mind to feel a little less vulnerable. One problem is I don’t have money to go invest in supplies. Shit costs money. But maybe I need to make a list of things to start buying.

    I don’t know how it is down there, but up here there’s a lot of talk about “the big one” It’s fucking scary. We live in an apartment complex that’s falling apart. We’re also in an area vulnerable to landslides. We’re at the bottom of a ridge.

    I am thinking I need to look for a survival class or something and start learning that. If me and my son are by ourselves we need to be able to survive. I think what has me the most scared is knowing that I wouldn’t know what to do to ensure our survival. I think I really need to put some thought into this and be prepared…like you said.

    One thing I don’t understand is why they say you should stay put after an earthquake…isn’t that stupid if you’re in a structure that has just been damaged and may fall on you? They assume your house will be in tact. But what if it’s not? Where do you go then??

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