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    David Boots

    Theocracy having long since moved beyond any evolutionary advantage to humans the fundamental question is then on what basis does religion survive?

    The answer is simple: theocrats seek power, privilige and pesos. In doing so they populate and indoctrinate. If you want to know why churches still prosper just look at how much money is in this industry. The catholic church, it is said, is the largest landowner on the planet – most of this land WAS GIVEN TO THEM.

    In recent years astheism has seen a rise in the professional atheist. There is now money in atheist content and delivery – and this is thanks to people like you and me.

    If rationalism is to survive and prosper there must be an economic incentive to counter the incredible funds theists have at their disposal.

    To this end I urge everyone to buy atheist. Become a patron of an atheist podcaster. Buy science books. Visit atheist sites and subscribe.

    Each and every one of us can do this.




    I also think it’s possible that before human culture evolved to manage populations larger than bands and tribes, there was probably a strong tendency for people to conform to whatever traditional moralistic behavior had been able to take hold. Even today, peer-pressure to conform to a local “norm” is strong in many ways, albeit people like me resist those urges, but sometimes pay some social price for it. “Image is everything”, with or without religion.

    I support atheism (here, mostly), and I hope to advocate more for secularism as the most effective way to make a difference. As for financial support, I think outcomes depend a lot on what people with the most money happen to believe in.


    cecilia fx

    supporting education, science, facts, etc. That’s very important as well



    For the coercion of church and state, one could do much worse than Ian Hodder’s The Domestication of Europe. This book shows that theological lines were being formed during the Neolithic via the use of graves and esoterica.


    To support atheist economies vs church-and-state capitalist ones, one obvious question is “What is the value at the point of exchange?”



    I have to say I will buy a chocolate crucifix again this year. They startled the life out of me the first time I saw one – now I take great delight in sending one to anyone I know who loves chocolate – just one and just once a year. This year it will be going to Cologne, in Germany.


    That’s the thing with a Chocolate Jesus. You eat him on Friday and think he gone but he re-appears on Sunday morning looking pretty much the same. Nothing like a slice of Chocolate Jesus.


    Tom Sarbeck

    Sheesh, Reg. I didn’t count the number of times during my Catholic years I ate and excreted the body of …hm-mm, I forgot who they said it was.



    Being Catholic means engaging in a form of cannibalism because they have to eat flesh and drink blood. I wonder if I stood on a nail would the name come to mind?



    Yeah, Harold rings a bell. Standing on a nail would be a holy experience!



    David Boots and Fellow Unbelievers,

    While I certainly do buy Atheist, Secularist, and Natualist Books, Movies, and Media, when it comes to other products and services, I have to do like every other rational economic animal with limited knowledge and limited resources:

    I buy the best product or service my money can buy without making inquiries about the religion of the manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler, retailer, contractor, sub-contractor, employer, or employee.

    I also like it when others do the same with my goods and services without inquiries about my Atheism, Secularism, and Naturalism.

    That’s the beauty of free-market Capitalism–or what’s left of it anymore: people gain more when they are more inclusive and lose out on opportunties if they discriminate on the basis of religion, or for that matter, “race,” “ethnicity,” national origin, age, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other trait irrelevant to production and exchange.

    So, while I gladly argue for Atheism, Secularism, and Naturalism, I get the strength to do so from a Chinese Buddhist carry-out, a Hindu Indian curry, a Jewish rueben sandwich, an Arab Muslim falafel snack, or a Christian Barbecue plate.  And it’s great for everyone this way!



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