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    Many gay men are not happy with these “queer” parades.

    I’m sure. My best male friend is a gay and I think he just wants to be accepted going about the same sort of daily business all of us do. Working, shopping, recreating.



    What I am unhappy about is that LGTBQ+ parades are necessary. When queer children are no longer relentlessly bullied into suicide, people don’t have to think twice about holding their partners hands in some neighbourhoods or mentioning the gender of their partner, the insults end, the ridicule and locker room nastiness stops and the attempt to limit our rights stop…then the parades…thankfully…will no longer be necessary.

    Yeah, not everyone in the queer community is in love with it, but everyone in that community benefits from the normalisation of queer existence and hard work and advocacy to help people get over their vicious, destructive homophobia.

    No group advances or gets rights by quietly asking for them, and the queer community have clearly been doing a lot right, considering the rapid (though completely insufficient) advance of their rights and acceptance. People say “oh man…those annoying gay people are so loud and obnoxious with their flame, rainbows and attention seeking”. I say: those straight people people teasing their buddies at bar openly calling them “fags” as though it is the worst thing in the world to be, is obnoxious. Help end that shit, then you won’t have to suffer the trauma of seeing rainbow floats anymore.

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