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    Wow, 20 percent for that service. That ought to be illegal. Or let the free market generate competition cuz that is beyond outrageous.

    No, it shouldn’t be illegal. Remember, “usury” is just interest that the payer doesn’t like to pay. (I say that and I’ve paid it too before.)

    The Free Market competition is the Sharper Image coin sorter I mentioned earlier, as well as private educational media that teaches kids at an early age about compounding interest and investment. Gummint Skoolz have clearly done a shitty job at teaching Mathematics, Economics, and Finance.

    With Sharper Image coin sorters and proper private education widespread, CoinStar could never make 20 percent on coin-exchanging.

    Also, pawn shops would become second-hand stores instead of sources for finance and rent-to-own stores would specialize in props for movie-makers instead of charging the ignorant poor multiple times what a TV set is worth.

    Ol’ TJ said it best: Ignorant and free in a state of civilization never was and can never be.

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    Enco, would you support expelling most New Yorkers from Manhattan and giving it over to the Native American population of New York state, funding and arming them and supporting them when Manhattanites resist? I would be quite curious to hear everyone’s response to this (and some bullshit answer about how “it is not the same thing”).

    Why are asking me in particular and not everybody in the North American Continent who is on this Forum?

    Like many people living in the North American Continent, I have Indigenous ancestry in my genetic cocktail, specifically Cherokee and Blackfoot, and a whole lot bigger percentage than the likes of self-appointed activist Ward Churchill.

    What the U.S. Government under Andrew Jackson and subsequent Presidents did to my predecessors was horrible, but the Cherokee also trafficked in and practiced slavery against Africans forcibly brought to this Continent. And as Robert rightly pointed out, Indigenous tribes did horrible things to each other.

    Who’s the bigger victim in the totem pole Intersectional Heirarchy of Oppression? And who decides who gets what as reparations?

    Where we can establish land titles and treaties, yes, those should be upheld and all takings of established property titles by Government eminent domain should have just compensation.

    However, Indigenous tribes typically had no such institution as land titles, so how would that work out?

    Even before there was such a term as land acknowledgements, TV’s Dr. John Becker, referencing his apartment, gave probably the best land acknowledgement anyone can give:

    New York City is an old town. Everybody lives where somebody died.

    Trying to right past wrongs by and against the long-since-dead would require time travel all the way back to the Leakey’s finding of “Lucy.” from 2.5 million years ago. Good luck on making the flux capacitor for the DeLorean snow-mobile.

    The main concern of we, the living, should be learning from past wrongs and respecting Individual Rights and Equal Justice Before The Law and basic human dignity for everyone living today, here and now. It’s the best we humans can do.



    Rousseau’s noble savage is a nice fantasy.

    But i do think White European Christian invasion of Murica exacerbated tribal antipathies and made Iroquois and Plains Indians more cruel or should i say more like Christians? The Commanche were as far as i am aware the toughest mofos from here to Timbuktu but before the invasion were peacable and living in Minnesota or Wyoming or some northern state. They became the best horse people imaginable and unreal with a bow and practiced various forms of cruelty like cannibalism and kidnapping

    I have read how the good easy living in California had those natives living peaceful lives. Makes sense. What is to fight about or be nasty when ya living la vida loco. No molesta por favor.

    The comparison to Jews in Israel is inapposite. I can well imagine Davis you anticipated the rejection of the analogy. Lets see. Jews were there already. Europeans were not. Jews were coming home as a result of being persecuted by Europeans.(nearly liquidated and would have been but for the allies triumph and Europeans did not give a rat’s) Europeans were coming to escape persecution in some cases but mostly to profit and exploit the natural resources and did the persecution. Jews began to buy up properties in Palestine before the partition. Europeans made endless treaties and never failed to break them, and took EVERYTHING by FORCE and DECEIT. Whenever gold was discovered natives were kicked the fuck out of their enclave. After about 1876 when the hand writing was on the wall the natives stopped fighting back and were resigned to their fate. The Palestinians never stopped and have a maniacal religious/cultural drive that has nothing to do with provocations. The Palestinians want the river to the sea. Two states are not possible until you moderate your extreme position. I assume the natives would have been dancing the anti-ghost to have even a tiny percentage of their original home as their own. A lot more time has elapsed as well from the point of contention.



    I should say it is ridiculous in both instances. Ya cannot support a new precedent that would have the entire globe in upheaval. Most of the globe is conquer and vanquish and conquer and rape, pillage, steal, enslave. Everyone everywhere would have grounds to attack!



    Natives are still being persecuted, its insane to think otherwise. If the Russians occupied New York somehow and invited Natives to come “share” Manhattan, heavily support them financially and with arms, and when Manhattanites inevitably resisted (as if Americans in any place would not LMAO), and then partition the Island into highly favourable areas for the Natives, kick out Manhattanites and shove them in unfavourable areas, help arm them and support them financially, I’m sure you would support that and take their side, especially if they were doing so under the name of creating a new home, on land that was once theirs, doing so in a civilised way and asserting their right to exist against the unreasonably violent and “unsharing” Manhattanites.

    It’s easy to expect people to compromise, share, give up what they have when they are the targets of your hate (murder cult mostly Arab Muslims), its a lot harder when they are fellow, mostly rich white Americans. I would respect you more if you simply admit to your double standard than try to very badly and sadly explain how it is not the same. It is the same, with trifling minor differences.

    It has happened, now over generations, most reasonable people would support the right for both sides to exist now, preferably in peace, preferably without one side massacring civilians at a party, and the other side not bombing schools, courthouses, hospitals and residences with their “most humane army in the word”. But please don’t pretend that the British policy of mass migration, displacement, division (for whatever complex reasons) is fair for one specific circumstance to which you are sympathetic while being outrageous and unthinkable in any other circumstance.

    No American region, state, city would accept the same scenario under any circumstances and would become violent guerilla fighters (they have done so for a lot less).

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    Davis, i note that you have failed to contravene or address the differences i pointed out. Trifling differences is the conclusion without analysis. You have however engineered an Encomatic goal post shifting. Enco you are welcome for the neologism.

    Ok so we are in Manhatten now. Funny cuz that has a rich history. Lenapes lost it to New Sweeden. New Sweeden lost it to Dutch. Dutch lost it to English. English lost it to us. Who knows if and whether Lenapes took it from predecessors? I know this stuff gets messy. It is only important to invalidate the ZIONIST evil plot to escape a righteous Jew hating world and have a home where their lives would be their own. I am sure clever acadamecians in true Doctor Clousea esprit can discover new and rich zionist related calumny assigned to the evil Jews. We must litigate ad infinitum or until the last Jew takes last breath the right to exist. Concomitantly we must never do the same for any other locus or people. Seems kosher.

    Are natives of US still being persecuted? Seems like they have some opportunity. Especially to have casinos which have raised economics of those groups. Not ideal i know and plenty of residue of American racism but not anything like what is happening to Palestinians in nonzionist nations. How many progressives even know that? But of course we all know higher rates of poverty and alcoholism and i am sure obstacles in housing and jobs along with in your face racism. AND YET native Americans fought for the allies and the USA in WW11. Navaho code breakers helped turn the pacific battle to the Allies with a victory in Midway. You would think they would with only minor exceptions resist fighting with the oppressors. Hmmm. And Blacks who have been treated like people of color in a white nation also fought valiantly. Experienced the rich racism while fighting and when they came home. So it seems the oppressed identify to some extent with their nation. Jews for that matter fought valiantly in WW1 with their homeland Germany in spite of the blatant racism there. And if you do not know how bad it was for Jews in Germany before the holocaust read about it. Your hypothesis and hypothetical is at best speculative and i might say worthless. The hypothesis is not even relevant. I am not gonna rehash the history of that region but you know it was one side accepting what they were granted and the other side attacking. And their Arab neighbors from all over the middle east attacking and supporting the annihilation of the new state and its people. And it is obvious, oh so obvious that the other Arabs could care less about those poor Palestinian people. And it is obvious that if the scenario were one hundred percent reversed and the jews were the arabs and the arabs were the jews that the jews would be welcomed to the surrounding jewish nations and given full rights and citizenship. If the Bris had kept that territory known as Palestine or the Turks you would not even hear a goddamn thing about the Palestinians. Double standard anybody?

    I would have cognitive dissonance too belonging to a group that is openly racist. I would have problems too wanting to fight the good fight and support so many worthy causes and being in bed with morons. It is so human though to transform a movement from something good to a religion. And i am sure if progressives had gone about things in a logical manner and the antisemites among them were a small minority and they were adducing the same drech rhetoric that the other progressives would laugh at them and belittle them.

    Thank you for imputing hatred of Arab Muslims to me that i have never indicated. You have done it before. I rejected it already. It is BS. We are ALL easily led ass scratching monkeys.




    I never deliberately shift the goalposts, so my brand does not belong on that.

    I didn’t object to David’s question. I just thought it should have been directed to the North American members of the Forum at large. I sure didn’t invent Manifest Destiny and since Manifest Destiny has God as it’s foundation, I would never support such a monstrosity.

    Oh, and I’m presently an apartment dweller and have lived in apartments and rental homes and mortgaged homes all my life, so that also disqualifies me for ire about anything involving real estate. SJWs should take it up with the landlord or the mortgage banker.

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    Enco, you misunderstood me.

    I am giving you credit for automatically or encomatically calling out others for shifting goal posts.



    Just read what i wrote. I see why you understood as you did. My fault. Sorry




    Oh, I see.

    Well thanks, but way better minds than mine have pointed up goalpost-shifting. It is found in several logical fallacies such as Tu Quoque, Mott-And-Bailey, and Whataboutism.



    Curious if any of you question the facts adduced or arguments made.



    Sorry Jake, it was a big mistake to reengage on the topic. You have a truly extreme and radical position on the topic, are incapable of conceding a single point and are unwilling to recognise your extreme bias and double standards on a very complex issue. There is, simply, absolutely no point in engaging.

    In fact, the only time I have discussed this issue in the last months was here. Palestine-Israel is simply such an emotive topic, where people mostly latch on to one side and are incapable of criticising their own or recognising the grievances of the other. It leads to conversations of absolute extremes, little nuance, highly charged emotional replies and virtually zero change in anyone’s stance. There is simply so much to lose engaging in these conversations and usually virtually nothing to gain, especially considering virtually everyone (be they pro one side or another) here, extreme stubbornness, bias, double standards, bigotry and extremism. No more stupid videos.

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    @ Jake

    That guy’s argument collapses if you talk about “Palestinians” not as a racial or ethnic group but as people, who happen to be Muslim, who have been living in Palestine for as long as the Jews. The only special overriding claim the Jews have is biblical, and only if one accepts it. Here is a well-reasoned, historical account of the Palestinian people that doesn’t make any Koranic claim on the land, just a social/political one:

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    Fellow Unbelievers,

    Folks, this does not end with just Gaza and Israel:

    US and allies scramble to respond to Houthi attacks on key Red Sea shipping lanes
    By Natasha Bertrand and Michael Williams, CNN
    3 minute read
    Updated 8:01 AM EST, Wed December 20, 2023

    Obviously, the Gaza-Israeli War is just one theater of the larger global Jihad of Dar Al-Islam (“The House of Islam”) versus Dar Al-Harb (“The House of War” i.e. anyone who isn’t under the submission which is Islam.)

    There is no getting out of this by BDS against Israel or shilling for the Palestinians or even if Israel were pushed into the sea or the whole world were somehow rendered Jüdenrein

    Here’s an obligatory link that sums up our predicament…except that the “worlds” at stake are each of our individual lives…and the “evil” that must confront today’s Necromongers is what they hold as “evil” i.e. Rational, Sovereign Individualism and Freethought!

    The Chronicles of Riddick (Unrated)–Trailer

    Let’s hope this global Jihad will end with every mosque converted into a skating rink or a dance hall when Muslims wake up from their trance, instead of offices for Century 21 Caliphate…or everything on Earth as a sheet of glowing glass.

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    The man in the “No Free Palestine” video would have a stronger case if he cited archeological, anthropological, and genetic evidence rather than The Holy Bible as an historical source.

    According to John McCarthy in his documentary It Ain’t Necessarily So, the people known as Hebrew Israelites came to what we call “The Holy Land” from another part of Canaan, not out of captivity in Egypt. Hence, they were a part of the general vicinity for as long as there were people there.

    As with everything from the time of Adam and Eve to the time of David and Solomon, there is no archeological or anthropological evidence that the Hebrew people were ever in Egypt.

    Of all the thousands of Egyptian writings on papyrus, stone tablets, walls, buildings, statues, steles, and pyramids, the only writing that mentions Israelites was the Merneptah Stele from 1208 BCE. And on that memorial stele, Pharaoh Merneptah bragged that he defeated and destroyed Asqaluna, Gezer, Yanoam and Israel “and its seed is no more.”.

    It Ain’t Necessarily So. Series 1

    Merneptah Stele–Wikipedia

    No enslavement in Egypt, no 40 years in the Sinai Peninsula, no mass migration to or conquest of “The Holy Land.”. Hence the Hebrew Israelites never left the area. They have as much claim as anyone else living there.

    McCarthy also pointed out that Hadassah Medical Center did genetic studies of both Arabs and Jews and found that Arabs have a single patrilineal genetic line with only a few offshoots. The Jews are one of those offshoots.

    This whole ongoing war against Israel amounts to a big, bloody, tragic, senseless family feud with the Islamic religion as the agitprop.

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