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    It’s a good bet they’ll try to at least hang out longer-term than a visit, on the moon, before trying to set up a colony on Mars.

    There’s just an awful lot of details to work out, and, that takes time.

    I am all in favor of the Muskians leaving earth to colonize mars though, as soon as possible… and, preferably, not coming back.

    If those are the people who colonize mars, it sounds like a place where no empathetic human would want to visit though, and we might consider it analogous to sending the criminals to Australia to colonize it…only without aboriginals to practice genocide on.

    If there ARE aboriginal martians though, I am formally withdrawing my hope that Musk and his ilk colonize mars.





    The human problems will be the hardest to solve.

    The psychological pressures of being forced to live with others having no way to escape. Someone going “postal” is a possibility that’s not easy to dismiss, for example.

    Then there’s the degradation of the body in no/low gravity. Even daily rigorous exercise on the International Space Station left the astronauts with weak muscles and degraded bones as well as cognitive decline. And that was only after some months.

    Additionally, the colonists will inevitably be exposed to far more radiation than they would here on Earth and will suffer far more cancer as a result.




    Keeping humans alive is hard enough under those conditions,  let alone happy, etc.

    I do know that earth has an expiration date though, and that if we do not learn to colonize other planets,  eventually in other solar systems,  etc, we will go extinct,  and, perhaps the only known life in our galaxy,  etc.

    Early colonies in America failed, but, we learned from the mistakes,  and, eventually,  colonized it…

    … just as earlier migrations of our genus had kept trying until they could survive the new conditions.

    If people want to volunteer to do this process,  knowing the first pancakes are typically thrown out, etc…

    …that too is part of human nature.

    Without it, our lineage,  and that of all earth based life,  will end up with those first pancakes.



Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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