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    David Boots

    Anyone forget the mujahideen? Remember that happy bunch of islamists who imposed terror on a region for over one hundred years?

    They turned into the taliban. With the rise of ISIS and Trumpistan we all forget about the taliban. Here is a little graphic reminder of what an extreme theocratic culture produces.

    Graphic Warning – do not watch this if you are easily upset…




    Simon Paynton

    You might find this article interesting, by a “progressive” American Muslim written in 2015.



    Islam is not the special enemy.  Actually, White supremacy appears to be more deadly in the USA.  Oppression is oppression, religion is religion and terrorism is terrorism.  Let’s not get that confused.


    Simon Paynton

    I don’t know, but it seems that in the US, Americans are more of a problem than Muslims    lol pow pow



    Mother chants her litany of boredom and frustration
    But we know all her suicides are fake
    Daddy only stares into the distance
    There’s only so much more that he can take
    Many miles away something crawls from the slime
    At the bottom of a dark Afghani lake





    @robert  Excellent.



    Paper is falling out of the sky. I am in the garden.
    It’s sunny day. It comes back to me in slow
    motion. I’m three years old. My father is often
    amazed at the fact that I should remember this far
    back into my childhood. I tell him the
    memories are unforgettable.

    Paper continues to fall, communist
    propaganda literally rains down on us. The
    helicopters are so noisy, so high in the sky. I
    stand looking up, my arms are wide open. I want
    to catch all the pieces of falling paper.

    Paper, paper, everywhere

    At least it’s better than when they decide to shower
    us with bullets.

    Mother is at work. She is a teacher at the school
    across the street. You can see it when you
    go outside the huge walls of my grandparents’

    The walls are made of the thick hay and mud. I
    remember the walls. The height of them makes me
    feel protected. I imagine that these walls
    are strong enough to stop the rockets.

    I go inside the house to play behind the big black
    couch in the main guestroom. This is where we
    hide when the sirens sound in the middle of the

    One night, I hear my father pray for us to die
    together if we are hit. That night he holds mother
    and I close to him. I can feel him shivering as I
    secretly agree with him. I’ve never seen father
    frightened before.

    Now, I play with my big red doll when it happens. I
    hear a loud noise. I know it is a bomb. I run out
    into the garden. Somehow, I find my hand in my
    aunt’s hand and I am being pulled behind her.

    Small feet try to keep up.

    Everyone gathers outside,
    smoke rises from the direction of the school. I see
    it come up over the wall. The noise numbs my ears.
    There is screaming and shouting on the other side
    where mother is.

    We run out of the gates, into the street, though I
    am hesitant. I don’t want to see her pieces lying
    before me. She would be coming home for
    lunch now.

    All I see is smoke. My heart has stopped, my
    knees shake, I know she’s gone. Everyone is
    crying. My grandmother holds me. My head is on her
    chest and I watch the smoke. I don’t say a word. I want
    her to walk out of the smoke. That’s all I want.

    I break free of my grandmother. I stand alone, but
    I do not cry. After that I don’t remember what
    happens. What I do recall is my mother, running
    out of the smoke. She runs towards me. I’m in her
    arms. I can smell her. She smells of mother. She
    holds me tight. She cries as she whispers “we have
    to get away from here.”

    My mouth is dry.

    Zaheda Ghani



    You kick those heads around like a prize

    You ANIMALS!

    You’re like school boys in disguise

    You don’t deserve to live…

    If I could look you in the eyes

    I’d smile with a vengeance as I smash in your face

    Only difference is I’d let you wear it around for the rest of your life

    I’d do it with those dead men staring in your face just in case you were confused about how I’m putting you in your place

    So everyone would look at you like the piece of shit you are

    I’d also poke out your eyes so you couldn’t ever play soccer again

    Your religion was taken too far

    I would cut your dick off too

    So you couldn’t hurt a woman

    Because animals like you don’t deserve to feel pleasure

    You took hatred too far

    I’d forgive you on the 12th day of never

    I hold a special place in my heart just for you

    It’s the part of me who would kill you and bring you back to life and play soccer with your head too

    You deserve to die a painful death a million times over

    Fuck you and go to hell and die you sick motherfuckers


    Taliban my ass



    In Any Tongue – David Gilmour (of Pink Floyd)

    Home and done it’s just begun
    His heart weighs more, more than it ever did before
    What has he done? God help my son
    Hey, stay a while, I’ll stay up
    No sugar is enough to bring sweetness to his cup
    I know sorrow tastes the same on any tongue
    How was I to feel it
    When a gun was in my hands
    And I’d waited for so long
    How was I to see straight
    In the dust and blinding sun
    Just a pair of boots on the ground
    On the screen the young men die
    The children cry in the rubble of their lives
    What has he done? God help my son
    Hey, stay a while, I’ll stay up
    The volume pumped right up but not enough to drown it out
    I hear “Mama” sounds the same in any tongue
    How am I to see you
    When my faith stands in the way
    And the wailing is long done
    How am I to know you
    With a joystick in my hand
    When the call to arms has come


    I’d recommend listening to the track, too.  No solution is to be found in hatred.  Hatred promulgates more hatred.  Once the hating is done, the understanding must take place before any healing can be attempted.



    No solution is to be found in hatred. Hatred promulgates more hatred.

    The thing is that men like that are incapable of healing and understanding. There is no “reasoning” with men who behave like primitive animals. That is what they are. Straight psychopaths.


    Simon Paynton

    Straight psychopaths.

    – I have a feeling that in situations like this, you get a few psychopaths in charge, manipulating the situation to bring out the worst in human nature, and getting everyone dancing to the nightmarish sociopathic tune.  Look at Charles Manson.



    Belle it is us who need to understand, if we are to approach the idea of healing the tragic situation.




    Belle it is us who need to understand, if we are to approach the idea of healing the tragic situation.

    What is there to understand?


    Simon Paynton

    It’s very unlikely to find that many actual psychopaths all in one place.  There must be something else going on.

    Most likely, there is a leadership composed of psychopaths and narcissists, with all the other dufuses as their “flying monkeys” or evil helpers.  It’s possible for charismatic leaders to turn the whole country sociopathic, as happened in Nazi Germany.  Sociopathic is defined as both psychopathic and anti-social: a criminal psychopath.  We can see this kind of situation played out in a small scale, potentially anywhere – the group turns toxic because all the nice and capable people are driven out.

    On top of this, there are the socially dehumanising effects of political conflict, and unpleasant religious beliefs – the outgroup become worse than rubbish, and the ingroup gain strength and cohesion from hating on the outgroup.  This kind of behaviour only increases in times of conflict.  Of course, this is just ripe for exploitation by people who glory in power, status and cruelty.

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    Simon Paynton

    It’s telling if we look at Men’s Rights Activists (i.e. dumbasses) and Social Justice Shriekers (i.e. also dumbasses).  Both of these movements are straightforwardly narcissistic, in a number of ways: for example, criticism and self-responsibility are forbidden, logic doesn’t exist, integrity goes out of the window, they absolutely have to be No. 1 in every way, and any kind of actual progress towards rights is impossible (they are ineffective under-achievers), because of the way they carry on.  So, neither of them actually have anything to do with rights.

    It’s unlikely that each MRA or SJS is an actual narcissist, especially since each one speaks in such a standard robotic cookie-cutter way.  It’s more likely that this tailor-made junk fits like a glove into a certain situation, and brings out the natural narcissism that we all possess, in the unwitting normies who are drawn in to what is effectively an ideological frontal lobotomy.  So – a narcissistic ideology leads to an army of blind loudmouthed narcissists, many of whom may be “normal” in other circumstances.

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