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    Christian on Discord named B3 fights a chatroom full of atheists while drunk. He offers to debate them one by one

    Godless Discord Sever Invite Link: https://discord.gg/NSQekgs

    Godless Discord is an atheist community with multiple theist members. Debates about atheism and philosophy. Can be toxic at times because of drama and fighting between our members.



    In general I don’t like to play the strident criticizer, but since stridency and lack of focus on useful or interesting atheism-related content seems to be the main theme of this video, I have to ask, is this really the best example of what you do on Discourse?

    There was something near the beginning about sophos, and a requirement to bring evidence to a probabilistic claim, and in the last ten minutes or so there was a somewhat interesting discussion about who likes to leave tips and why and why one should or shouldn’t, but still, only a little focus on atheism.

    That would ok even at Atheist Zone (AZ), in fact it’s common here. But really, most of the main focus in this Discord example is about who can most skillfully insult another participant. Maybe fun for people who know and like (or have gained some familiarity with) each other, or for angsty, hormone-challenged adolescents attempting to learn how (or how not) to deal with real world face-to-face arguments, but I get sooo tired of that after a period of time, coming away from it feeling like it was all such a waste of time.

    For me, I mean. YMMV. AZ people, feel free to differ with me!

    Godless Girl, I do respect you for holding your own in a pissing contest and having self confidence, and for showing that you have a higher intellectual capacity and knowledge of logic, clear thinking, skepticism, and so on, qualities we treasure here. The world (and even AZ) would be better off with more of that. Seriously. But the guy you claim is drunk 1) sure didn’t sound drunk to me and 2) seemed to be trying harder than any of y’all to focus on something decent to debate, after being repeatedly rebuffed with ad hom. What can people take away from that, other than an adrenaline rush?

    If stridency is really the overall theme in your success story, I’ll likely not feel a need to respond to another example of it here, or at least not with so much detail, but with a shorter and more dispassionate stance. Still, I hope you can prove me wrong someday. I WANT you to, because I can tell that you’re intelligent and schooled enough to school others.

    (Oh god, I completely forgot the word “Funny” in your topic’s title. I think the old man in me missed the humor, so maybe my response is not even relevant to you or your movement? At least y’all have fun with it, and that’s probably a pretty victimless hobby.)




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