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    It’s back! That old bugaboo the Nord Stream Pipeline sabotage issue, and it’s looking like America was involved in either one of two ways. The absurd idea that Putin did it is no longer credible at all. The only question remaining is to what extent the U.S. was involved because clearly the U.S. either approved it, helped Ukraine, or just did it, and is now hiding behind the veil of a, perhaps fictitious, status as a mere bystander who might have intervened, but didn’t.

    So, with people dying of cold in the more northerly European countries that no longer have access to relatively cheap Russian fuel and are now (surprise, surprise!) far more dependent on the U.S.

    People on the street in Europe are not all that enthusiastic about defending Ukraine and now that the truth seems to be coming out, they may start by simply pretending to support Ukraine before ultimately backing a negotiated settlement ceding land to Russia.

    They are learning that Europe’s interests simply don’t correlate with those of the U.S.

    Stick to the end and think about the points Crystal makes toward the end.

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