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    I used to know a lady from Brooklyn, NY and she would pronounce “New York” as “New Yahk” or “New Yawk.” Her funniest pronunciation was “because” which came out sounding to my ears like “be-kwuz.”

    If you wanna sound even more New York, change your O to A in various words. So you could say you drove down to Flaaarida where you picked some aaaranges, then flew out to the Pacific Northwest and visited the state of Aaaregon.

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    What was entertaining was watching Thunderf00t parody a southern accent. Of course, he probably pushed it even further away from his English accent than it already was, into a totally new part of “accent space”… or maybe he just couldn’t suppress his English accent. Either way. the result was (probably intentionally) painful to listen to.

    @stutz the northeast definitely has a bunch of idiosyncratic accents. I’ve had a lot of exposure to northern New Joisey, where “dog” is pronounced duawg and “coffee” as cuawfee. It’s a diphthong that starts with the oo in book and goes to the a in awful… at least if you pronounce those words the way I do.

    There are a variety of “rhotic” sounds. The commonest one in English is not actually written “r” in the International Phonetic Alphabet (that sound goes to the “trilled R” of languages like Spanish and Russian). But there are all sorts of different variations, one from England that makes “very American” sound like “veddy Ameddican” Look here at all the R-looking symbols, capitalized, lower case, right side up, upside down, longer vertical, etc. (they tend to cluster in the lower center region of the consonant chart.)

Viewing 2 posts - 61 through 62 (of 62 total)

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