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    Winter Lily

    Does going barefoot have any real proven health benefits? I’ve heard it helps with posture and balance, etc. Can it actually be good for a person to go barefoot?

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    It may if you start early in life and develop really really tough soles. For me now as an adult, I risk getting cut and having an infection that could result in an amputation in the worst case (all the worse because I’m a type 2 diabetic). Then, there’s the comfort factor, which goes back to the toughness of the soles. My feet are tender, so tender that if were to wander out onto a gravel driveway, I’d probably sit down and wait to be rescued by a helicopter. All kidding aside, even stopping on a tiny stone the size of a BB or smaller is very painful for me.

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    I do think it depends on the person and in many ways on genetics. People who have flat feet can go barefoot without it causing back problems, but people with extremely high arches need something to support their feet, or the shock absorbtion will be felt in the lower back and legs. There is no one-size-fits-all approach.

    There are shoes that give you the feeling of being barefoot, and for people who have the right foot shape and are really fit already, it’s great. For others it would be detrimental and they need proper orthopaedic support.

    I go barefoot unless I have to leave the house. I guess because I just always have. I would feel very weird going barefoot in public because it’s just…..not common here in the U.S. I have very high arches. I also have residual damage to my feet from figure skating, among many other old injuries. I have been an athlete all my life, but stress, and having a family took a huge toll on me. I am now training hard and living my life like the athlete that I am and that I have always been. Taking care of my feet is and has always been one of the most important things….


    Winter Lily

    I use to never walk around the house barefoot because to me it just felt a bit strange but I have found that walking barefoot is easier because you don’t have to go fussing with taking shoes off and on and without shoes you can feel the Earth beneath your feet which is nice.

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