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    Fellow Unbelievers,

    By the way, Happy and Thoughtful National Preparedness Month!

    This is the month to acknowledge that life on Earth is all there is, that natural and human-created Entropy Occurs (or as the bumper sticker says: “Shit Happens,”) and life on Earth is worth preserving against this Entropy through foresight, forethought, and pre-emptively acting to persevere and prosper!



    Fellow Unbelievers,

    A very fitting and aspirational song for National Preparedness Month:

    And a very worldly-wide song coming from a Gospel singer:



    Hi! What exactly are we to prepare for?




    Hi! What exactly are we to prepare for?

    Any natural or human-made threat to the life and flourishing of us Rational Animals.

    It doesn’t always require money. In fact, the saying goes: “The more one knows, the less one needs.” However, it does require both mental and physical work. Hope this isn’t too much of a buzz-kill, but it’s not all hard.

    You can start by identifying your survival needs and practicing situational awareness to discover what things around you might threaten your life and flourishing. Then you learn ways to find, create, raise, grow, save, and preserve those survival needs in advance of foreseen threats.

    We all need Oxygen or we die in 3 minutes, so ventilation, filtration, and fire-prevention are good to know and the equipment to provide them are necessary to stockpile. Equipment can include fans, HVAC, air filters, Oxygen tanks and CPAPs for medical conditions, balaclavas for breathing in sandstorms, fire extinguishers, smoke/CO detectors, etc.

    We all need shelter or we can die of hypothermia or weather in 3 hours, so selecting and repairing clothes, maintaining your stationary home, preparing vehicles for sheltering on the road, and building outdoor lean-tos, tents, tepees, wigwams, wikiups, and sheds are necessary skills to acquire.

    We all need water or we die in 3 days, so ways to gather, filter, sterilize, boil, and serve water are a must. A hot water heater provides 50 Gallons+ at home already, but in outdoor scenarios, unfueled charcoal, sand, and pebbles in a funnel can filer water, plus 10 drops of pure chlorine bleach per Gallon, and 15 minutes of boiling make water from rain and streams potable.

    We all need food or we die in 30 days, so purchased canned, bottled, or dried non-perishable foods along with what you can learn to forage in the wild, hunt, trap, raise, grow, and preserve are needed to stock, eat, and rotate for freshness.

    Knowledge and tools are needed for everything, so acquiring these, as well as maintaining and storing the means of provision, are vital for every survival task. Since disease and injury can threaten life and flourishing more immediately than anything, First Aid skills and kits suited to your specific needs are necessary to acquire and update on a regular basis.

    All of these things can be lost to human or other animal predation. So ways to defend yourself and what is rightly yours are necessary. This includes camouflage, diversion, secure containers and location, barriers, locks, alarms, and, as a last resort, martial arts and weaponry.

    It’s a non-stop practice of learning and acquisition, but if you value life on Earth and wherever else we go, it’s well worth it.

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    The GOP Crushed America’s Historical Vision – Can they Be Stopped?

    By Thom Hartmann

    From the article:
    For most of American history, the story we told ourselves about America was that we were a good and decent people who were striving to achieve a government that drew its legitimacy from “the consent of the governed” and championed the values of the Enlightenment.
    Clearly we didn’t always live up to those standards: from slavery to the Native American genocide to our support for foreign dictators and overthrow of democratic republics, we’ve come from a pretty grim start and made a lot of terrible mistakes.
    But always, at the core of the American ideal, was that goal, that ideal, that we are dedicated to expanding human freedom and possibility for all.

    Nearly every generation of the 16 since this nation’s founding has seen forward progress toward the ideals that our Founders, and Lincoln, FDR, JFK, and other American leaders have declared.
    Until now.
    Today, the Republican Party is openly rejecting this historic view of America’s destiny, the ideal of ever-greater inclusion, of support and compassion for our fellow human beings, of our willingness to work and even fight to support democracy both at home and around the world.



    Fellow Unbelievers,

    Here is an excellent, evidence-based firearms channel on YouTube called Rational Preps:


    On the video “The Best Apocalypse Gun in the World” near the end, he drops a mini Silver Cross and chain into a .410 shotgun shell for use in his Raging Judge Magnum. I knew right then and there: This is one of “our boys.”
    🔫 ✝️ 😁




    That “Don’t Be A Sucker” video cited by Thom Hartmann is for suckers. It implied that the Nazis were Anti- Catholic, even though The Wickedly Great One himself was Catholic, the Roman Catholic Church in Germany celebrated his birthday, and his ally Fascist Italy sheltered Vatican City and forbade desecration of the Roman Catholic Church.

    Not that I like Trump, but if Trump was a Putin pawn, why didn’t Putin invade Ukraine in 2016? And where is Putin in Trump’s time of need?

    And it isn’t just Republican Alt-Rightists, Religious Right, and National Conservatives who are the enemy. The ideals of Classical Liberalism/Libertarianism/Free Market Capitalism are disparaged by the Woke/SJW Left, the Eco-Wackos, and Occupier/Bernie Bro/Squad Followers and have been poo-pooed and scourged since the day of our nation’s birth.

    Yet all the more reason for people like me to practice a Janus-Faced Eternal Vigilance and Preparedness.

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    Fellow Unbelievers,

    For some fantastic and ingenius methods of Survivalism and Preparedness to learn on the fly, just put “Survivalism” or “Prepper” plus “#shorts” into your YouTube search engine.

    Putting “#shorts” and your favorite topic in the YouTube search engine is also a great way of finding pithy, thoughtful quotes on any subject and The Four Horsemen of Atheism and other Skeptical minds have lots of great lines in the #shorts portion of YouTube.

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