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    Well, hello there.  It’s been a while.

    As it happens I was just cleaning out my password manager and figured I’d log in to say “Hi”.   Sorry if the flyby isn’t welcome; I see a few of my old critiques of ideas are still categorized as “hate speech” under your guidelines.   Nice to see some of the same old characters hanging about!  You do seem to have shrunk a bit, though, from the TA days.   That’s the way of things for independent forums in the modern era of large platforms, I suppose.  It’s hard to attract new members without living on big platforms algorithmically sorting people into groups.  I hope it wasn’t from chasing away those who disagreed with local tribal orthodoxy as is so often the case.

    In any event, as a once-and-present visiting Christian and scientist (but definitely not a Christian Scientist), I wish you all well.  I’ll perhaps seed one new thread just for fun as a passing gift.

    Dr. Bob


    You are always welcome here Dr. Bob God to hear from you and always good to have a different opinion here…not that we live in an echo chamber 🙂


    Belle Rose

    Hi Dr Bob! Glad you’re back! We were worried about you! We thought the worst….glad you’re still kicking! 😂 when people go missing we notice and wonder. You were missed 😊



    Aw, shucks, @Belle Rose.  Glad you’re still here and doing well.   And always glad to see the Fronkey Farmer!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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