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    I’m of a mind that if your workplace is wonderful, then getting paid to do it is a bonus. Most workplaces suck in terms of the ‘one idiot’ that always seems to dominate them.  Hum a little tune whilst he’s opining. Treat his views like a foreign language that you don’t need to understand.  You could also look for another job whilst you’re there.



    How big is your company? Does it have an HR Dept?

    The reason I ask is that in big companies, the policy generally is “You must leave your politics at the door.” If he continues to make you uncomfortable by giving you The Cold Shoulder, I don’t see much hope. If you complain about that, you’re basically complaining that he’s doing what the management thinks you want him to do. Surely, you’re not interested in an insincere palsy-walsyness(?).

    Might be time to be looking for another job.


    Belle Rose

    It’s a HUGE company, but my area is small and isolated (3 people)….they have had talks with him about these things but it doesn’t seem to phase him at all.


    Could you clarify if you are to replace him completely or will he continue to job share the role with you in the long term. While feeling that his job security is threatened or that someone might do it better job (more efficiently) than him is no justification for his attitude or behavior towards you, it still could help explain it. In some companies if you are very good at a particular job you will never get promoted. So is his new role a “step up” for him or could he view it as a demotion of sorts and is taking out his frustrations on you. I mean if he was happy with his new role then why act like an asshole about it. He sounds like the type of man who possibly is intimidated by a woman do “his” job what he sees a masculine environment (just speculation with that one). That makes him a weak man because he is basically a workplace bully. I am sure US labor laws must be similar to Irish and European laws in situations like this.

    I would keep a diary of all that is said to you that is not work related, time and dates. Do it privately and write it up at home. Then bullet point it and send it to the manger to act upon. If it not resolved send resend it and more bullet points to him again and this time CC the HR department. You are looking for a peace full resolution to improve the work place environment, not to get rid of him. You are not a troublemaker should be your mindset when doing this, even if privately you would call it differently.

    Maybe wear a new MAGA cap to work 🙂



    My career philosophy, for what it is worth. I was a devoid of emotion, zero drama kind of employee. Very casual and distant relationships with daily coworkers. No closed doors, even when I became a leader/manager. Never talked shit about anyone at work and just concentrated on my results. The real joy of work to me was doing a good job, while avoiding the typical fraternization/ass kissing to make an impression. When it was time to discuss my performance and raises I came in prepared with hard performance data, sometimes shocking my new bosses who assumed I was mister easy-going. Eventually HR figured out they couldn’t afford me and gave a lucrative retirement deal. It surprised my coworkers when I retired very early. I never told them I had accumulated a nice stash by investing my raises. Ivy, you are not gonna change the world or fix some asshole. Do what is best for you!


    Belle Rose

    I already did bring it up and my manager had a word with him. Nothing improved and in many ways it’s gotten worse. He isn’t teaching me anything new or helping me in any way. He doesn’t talk to me. The political rants are in front of me towards other people. I’m afraid if I raise a fuss about it it will only come back on me.


    Belle Rose

    @robert I like your philosophy. I was told to just keep my mouth shut and do my job by a mentor of mine and that’s probably best. If I report him it will backfire on me


    Belle Rose

    @Reg they are planning to return him to his old position but he’ll always be back up for mine and likely he will still do early morning shift at least until I get there or until the other girl comes in…..



    Years ago, I was writing erotica for women. Dirty stories with female protagonists told from a female POV.

    I had a coworker who also claimed to be a writer and who struck me as open minded. She showed me some of her work and I showed her some of mine.

    The result was that she complained that I had shown her pornography and that I was making the workplace uncomfortable for her, which was certainly not my intent.

    Was she just one-upping me in an office politics or did I do something wrong?

    I don’t know.



    Interesting question. I dont know what to recommend…
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