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    Fuck I didn’t know all this time…I’m now in my 4th month of pregnancy and just barely found out.

    I am….really scared. My son hurt me really bad and I’m afraid to tell anyone for fear of what might happen. I’m in a lot of pain and already feeling Braxton hicks. I don’t know what to do and I need help



    There is a deep heaviness inside
    As I say goodbye to you
    Gone before you arrived you don’t know how much I love you
    Like loving a dream you’ll be forever a notion
    Like an idea that passed as fast as it came
    You’ll forever be my poetry in motion
    As I prepare to kill you
    I also die in the process
    A million tears of sorrow
    And a river of sadness
    A life taken before it’s time, they say we’re better off for it
    But we’ll never know will we?
    A hole never filled and a heart permanently broken
    A million ways my heart is heavy
    You can die and go away but you’ll never be far from me
    I cannot bear to hear them turn the vacuum on
    So I’ll pull up a chair and ram it into you instead
    Better off that way
    I’ll do it myself instead
    Here we go, please forgive me
    You aren’t missing anything
    This life is anything but free


    Simon Paynton

    That’s very moving, Belle.  Don’t get hurt.



    imho fwiw it still has less awareness than a salamander. If it even has a soul, then it belongs to God, who’s got everything figured our already, anyway. Don’t let people who claim to know what God wants mess with your well being or mental health. Stay strong.


    Gregg R Thomas

    If I could get you a hug, I would.




    I’m so sorry Belle :'(

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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