Is Descartes a Kant the only one?

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    Okay, so the subject line is dual purpose. It’s clickbait on the one hand and it refers to a band I just happened to come across. What this thread is really for is to introduce other members to new bands or bands/music, new or old, that deserve to get more attention.

    Descartes a Kant is another band out of Mexico. Unlike The Warning a hard rock/soft metal trio, this group calls upon a different heritage: Dadaism. Bands like Devo, Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention, Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band, and maybe even a little Weird Al Yankovic.

    Here’s a little band bio courtesy of Google Bard:

    Descartes a Kant is a Mexican experimental rock band from Guadalajara, Jalisco. They are known for their eclectic sound, which blends elements of punk, metal, shoegaze, noise, and cabaret. Their live shows are also highly theatrical and unpredictable, often featuring elaborate costumes and choreography.

    The band was formed in 2007 by vocalist and guitarist Sandrushka Petrova. The current lineup also includes Ana Cristina Moreno (synthesizer and backing vocals), Memo Ibarra (bass and programming), and Leonardo Padua (drums).

    Interested in hearing them?

    A live performance:




    Damn you Clickbait!!! You caught me again in my search for the perfect triangle! Could that be one in the middle of the video window?



    I spent some time yesterday exploring the Mexican music scene to discover that The Warning is the tip of the iceberg. Mexico is crawling with good bands, playing everything disco to punk.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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