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    The 9/11 controlled demolition conspiracy theory is back with new evidence (“evidence”?).




    (TRUTH REVEALED: I get so frustrated recently, and careless, I need to censor myself.)



    I presented this because I’m sensing a new wave of 9/11 conspiracy theories coming based on the interviewee’s allegations and speculations.


    I can’t jump onboard the timed demolition theory because the number of demolitionists involved would have to be quite large (these were at the time the tallest buildings in the world, 110 storeys each) and also get the explosives set up practically overnight to avoid detection, and then over the course of 20+ years not one turned whistleblower or made a deathbed confession? And not just the personnel but getting the quantity of explosives and timers and electronics involved in place in a building that isn’t totally empty even at 3 a.m. without anyone phoning out to say that something strange is going on?

    I’m not buying it.

    Also, if one wanted to blow the buildings up to justify a military response to terrorists, why set up the buildings to blow up in a way that looked like a professional demolition? Why not blow them up in an asymmetrical way? Why not have them set up to fall over to the side? If one believes the conspiracy theory, then the theorists didn’t give a rats ass about the nearly 2000 people in the tower at around 9 a.m., not to mention the airliner passengers, so killing people in adjacent building would be even better and would have looked far less suspicious, right?

    And you’d have to 100% depend on convincing the Saudi terrorists to act on your behalf without realizing they were in on a US government psy op?

    The conspiracy theory just stretches my credulity beyond the stretching point.



    Hi! I think I like it better when the terminator character says it  no offense to the person that posted the title blog  here.

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