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    I do not accept “Islamophobia” as a crime or as an offensive position. It is a term used by Muslims and many non-Muslims that I give no credence to. A literal translation is “a fear of Islam”. I do not fear Islam. I view it as an archaic ideology that should, like Christianity, be consigned to history. It is based upon mythology and fabricated tales that are simply not believable except by the gullible and the indoctrinated. I almost feel embarrassed at times by the vulgarity and idiotic nature of these belief systems.

    I am an antitheist. I consider all religions that venture into or remain in the secular sphere to be legitimate targets of my ire and I have no respect for any of them because respect needs to be earned. That is something they simply cannot do. Arguments by apologists that they inspire people to do good works or create ‘spiritually” inspired works of art are irrelevant.

    Now if people call me Islamophobic or take offensive to my stance on their beliefs so be it. I do not care what they think. I consider myself to hold the more mature view for not believing in the existence of any god and the billions of other apes that do, to be simply wrong in their beliefs. But I will defend their right to believe whatever they want to believe as long as I do not have to hear about it or have it impact upon my life.

    I keep in touch with some ex-Muslims. Some in Canada or in other countries who I have helped escape from Islamic regimes that were prepared to kill them for not believing in Allah. I have the name of a Muslim ‘Malala Yousafzai’ tattooed on my left arm and another, Raif Badawi tattooed on my right arm. This is to show my support to Muslims that want to escape the “mind forged manacles” of their Islamic faith. I have no phobia about Islam. I see it for what it is because I have seen what it does.



    Ok Reg. that was a balanced statement.

    How have you helped them escape?



    Jake, just calm down with your bigotry. I’m sorry you have become such a raging bigot and refuse to recognise that. Your double standards with justly pointing out anti-Semitism while repeating the very same over-the top things about Islam is nauseating. You aren’t even a closet bigot, it is so utterly out there in the open for anyone to see who isn’t blind by ideology. Just, calm, the f*** down with your bigotry. Zheesh.

    Reg has never ever said anything islamophobic. That is because his argument are directed at the beliefs themselves, practices which are particularly toxic and particular people who use religion to justify the unjustifiable. You so grossly paint hundres of millions and dehumanise them with such a broad grotesque brush it is inhuman. You and Reg are not the same on this topic. You aren’t remotely in the same camp. You’re frequently saying over the top bigoted nonsense. He doesn’t. To call his criticism of Islam or muslims he has criticised islamophobic would be unfair. To label a lot of what you have said about Islam would be more than fair.

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    @ Islamophobes

    How many actual Muslims have you known in your life, or were you too fearful to even let that happen? I’ve met Muslims in college, worked along side some, and received medical treatment from more than one, I’m sure. None of them tried to kill me.



    Davis, I am calm like a painted ship on a painted sea.

    You are equating antisemitism with anti-Islam/islamophobia. That is absurd. Antisemitism is about human beings. Hitler and the Germans did not care if you practiced Judaism. Nor did the rest of the Europeans and Russians. Persecution of Jews has gone unchecked for centuries. Thanks to progressives latent antisemitism is emergent. No point pretending you don’t hate Jews now. Pseudo-academics are giving the low down and mow down on the Zionists. Yeehaw.

    Islam on the other hand is a religious and political institution with believers of every ethnicity and in nearly every habitable area that was spread by the sword and actively seeks dominion. (Jews don’t want ya! aint asking if ya have taken Moses as your lord and savior and aint out there conquering foreign peoples or spreading their depraved ways)

    I have repeatedly indicated that members of Islam are victims of their cult. Gin n agin have indicated my perspective how people are acted on as opposed to choosing rationally and after deliberation. I have also indicated that Muslims are not a monolithic group. I am not dehumanising anyone. ISLAM IS!

    Hello. Is anyone home?



    I met plenty of Muslims. My last name insured that.

    They wanted a Jewish attorney. We control everything!



    “I’ve met Muslims in college, worked along side some, and received medical treatment from more than one, I’m sure. None of them tried to kill me.”

    Why would you expect otherwise? Why even point that out?




    Perhaps a more accurate term would be Miso-Islamic as part of a more broad concept of Miso-Religious. I don’t fear it, but I despise what it does to human beings.

    As for adherants to the Islamic religion, I either like or despise them as individuals according to what they say or do.

    My last Opthalmologist at the Vision Center who fitted me for glasses wore a kufi, which could have been an insignia of either Islam or of African culture or both, so he may or may not have been Muslim. The glasses worked great, though a year and a half later, judging from my typos, I am probably due for another fitting. 🤓😎🥸

    I worked with a fellow cashier who was a Muslim woman who wore the hijab and robes. She was a possessive snippy little bitch about cleaning spray and paper towels at her register, even though it’s the company-owning family’s world and we just live in it and the spray and towels are meant for all of us to use for messes as they happen.

    I always avoided her before I said something she might regret and I wouldn’t, since you can never expect fair treatment from “Human Resources” departments if an incident arose.

    I worked two months one Summer for an Egyptian cab driver who was Muslim. He ran a shitty business with the worst clientele of drunks, druggies, crazies, and criminals and I was an independent contractor who worked third shift from 6 PM to 6 AM and the entire time never earned anything close to minimum wage. I had a bump-up with a car at a redneck bar and got sued by the car owner, since my boss didn’t keep insurance on the cab I drove.

    Once, when I was watching the comedy That’s My Bush on his satellite TV, I asked him if they have any progrwm like That’s My Mubarak in Egypt. He said with a smile: “In my country, if you show something like that, they put you in jail and never let you out!”. Obviously wouldn’t find him at a Libertarian convention.

    He was also anti-Black, anti-Jewish, and anti-LGBTQ in his attitudes towards Americans. What’s funny is he was darker than the people he hated and wore a frilly Egyptian nightshirt that might make him a hit at a drag show!

    Needless to say, as fast as I found some steady marketing and merchandising work, I got the Hell outta cabbing for this asshole.

    About a month after 9/11/2001, I seen one of his cabs wrecked and totalled at a local garage. I couldn’t help but grin like a possum. 😁

    Working as a cashier, I met customers that hailed from Holy Islamville in Clover, SC. They were women wore almost full black burquas all year long and juding from their accents, were natural-born U.S. women.

    Once, during the Summer, one was sitting down heavily breathing and exhausted from the heat. I asked her if I could get her a bottle of water or call the paramedics and she refused. I then told her: “If you need to remove E your head covering, I won’t tell anyone.”. She eventually cooled down, but it is damming of her religion that it required her to dress as she did, even at the cost of her health and maybe her life!

    So my dealings with Muslims have been a mixed bag. Most Muslims I’ve met have many more roads to travel on the road to proper, civilized, freedom-loving human relations. Their move.

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    I claim the right to be is-lame-aphobic, because I am also christian phobic.

    I’ve only known one ‘muslem’.
    He was black, US born, and a proud member of MENSA.
    Said he became muslem because christianity was a ‘white man’s religion’.
    Also clamed is-lame was more respectful of women than christianity. Go figure.
    Other than that, I respected him.

    When I lived in Rochester, all the mom-n-pop corner stores (bodegas) were owned/run by muslims.
    No bacon.



    I’m sorry to hear unapologetic that we have yet another bigot on this site. Are you also an anti-semite?

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