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    Belle Rose

    For the safety of protecting my house. There’s just too much chaos going on in our country right now. I often think about what I do if some idiot we’re outside just started to shoot. What would I do if I was in a grocery store or somewhere public and got wrapped in the middle of someone with a gun. There is a lot… (Yes a LOT) of training that needs to happen. I would need a lot of training. But I think it’s time that I start investing my time and money towards figuring out how to safely on and operate a fire arm and become familiar with the laws of how exactly I can remain with an a lot to protect myself. Definitely open for discussion here and opinions because it’s a lot. And yes I have a son who I would NEVER leave home alone with the gun. But he too is eventually going to need to learn how to handle himself with a gun. This world is just not getting a safer and the place that we live is not getting safer. Now you have these militia groups coming out of nowhere and all kinds of crazy shit and really crazy people. There really is no match for knowing how to properly shoot a firearm to protect yourself. Somebody were to come in my house trying to rob me or whatever… I need to be prepared. This country is no longer safe.

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