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    I found this link on Reddit:

    I find it positive, that Russia, is trying to make life hard for Jehova’s witnesses. However I do not see censure, as the best solution. But what could they have done instead, can we come up with a better idea ?

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    @Lars. It’s always interesting to see a decline in religious avenues, but this one is not that, so what is it? Is Putin aiming for an atheist state? I very much doubt it, the Orthodox Church is pretty powerful over there. Is he aiming for a single state religion? Seems a bit more likely. Then we get to why?

    Perhaps once he is operating in a single state religion, he can present himself as the holy disciple, moving gradually to a North Korea style of rulership?


    Even if Putin’s government enacted this, the Russian Orthodox Church is most likely the instigator and the driving force behind the move. It is not a case of an atheist government trying to ban religion. If it were then the Orthodox Church would be in trouble too. The Orthodox Church in Russia are full of fundamentalists and they appeal to nationalistic (fascist type) voters who are big Putin supporters. It holds a place of special privilege within Russia and with the political classes. The same treatment would be shown to Mormons or Catholics or Hindus if they were ever perceived to be a threat to the Orthodox Church.

    I have had many debates with JW’s over the years. I have deconstructed many of their “Watchtower” publications, especially the ones that are anti-science (Evolution is not true) or fussing about the “rise of Atheism”. I have help several of them to see Reason and to de-convert. However I would be the first to defend their right to publish whatever they want to publish and would not censure it.

    This has very little, if anything, to do with atheism. It is just plain interfaith Christianity at work.


    Gregg R Thomas

    Are Big Joe’s people allowed in Russia that’s news to me.



    The JW’s are definitely a cult. Do some youtubing about people who left the religion for some interesting revelations about what life is like in JW if you’re a free thinker. They’re right up there with Scientology.

    There are differences between cults and religions but they often amount to the cults just being more extreme in terms or resisting apostasy and then shunning actual apostates, mind control vs indoctrination, etc.


    Bill Shaddle

    Exactly how are you defining a cult?

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