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    I recently found the answer to all of my problems… Well at least the most important one. My health. Conventional wisdom is wrong and it hasn’t worked. But now I feel like I finally have control of my own destiny because  I finally have more of the correct information.

    I feel like here in the United States, and I’m not speaking for any other part of the world here right now just the United States…  when it comes to health, we’re really fucking stupid.

    I’m really thankful that a friend of mine turned me on to a doctor in Toronto Canada who is actually speaking the truth.  It has given me a new type of hope that I could never have put into words. I mean this doctor saved my life. I really truly believe that. And not only that, but the answers are so fucking simple. I just  cannot believe that the information is not more common knowledge. And even more so that this information is not reaching people in poverty. It benefits us even more.

    I think over the past 4 to 6 months I have lost a lot of faith and hope in many people, institutions, and just plain professionals in multiple fields. I have learned that just because somebody has letters behind their name does not mean that they know what the fuck  they are talking about. And it also does not mean that they are telling you the truth. I have learned that critical thinking skills is really all I need to be able to figure stuff out.  For too long I relied too heavily on the opinions of other people. But now, I realize that I have all the strength and wisdom within myself.

    To be honest six months ago, I thought I was gonna die young. I really truly did. Of course nobody has a crystal ball, but I think there’s a better chance now that I’m not going to die. And I owe it to this doctor in Canada for saving my life  and giving me a new sense of hope.

    I’ve been living with fear. Fear that I’m going to die. It seems like with every passing day my odds of dying were even higher.

    Now I can honestly tell you that I don’t feel that way.

    And truly the biggest difference was that this doctor gave me the information that I needed to be able to get better. I really truly can’t put a price tag on that.

    The scientific an evidence-based research that support this doctor is mind blowing. And it’s infuriating to me the wrong information is still out there.  People still don’t know. Not just regular people like me. But doctors also don’t know. At least not here in the United States. Not any that I found. And honestly when I ask myself why I think that the true answer is that too many people are being told what to believe. And they’re believing it without question and nobody wants to  Challenge the status quo. Well this doctor did. And honestly every single thing that he teaches makes total sense.

    His advice and information is exactly what I needed.  It took me about a day to comprehend, and even less than that to start implementing. It’s very simple. Very non-complicated.  And it made perfect sense to me. It answered all of those little lingering questions that I always had in the back of my head.  When I listened to him for the first time, it was like 1000 “ahah!” moments at once.

    I am not going to tell you my results, condition, progress, or any personal details. But I am going to tell you the name of the doctor who saved my life.  He is way ahead of his time. He is completely brilliant. His name is Dr. Jason Fung



    There are so many good ones but here’s one more:


    I understand the relationship between diet and Typ2-2 diabetics to be well known. Here is some info from the BBC.

    There is an over dependence on drugs to “cure” this. As a regular visitor to Florida I am constantly amazed at the level of obesity I see. I am fitter than many people 30 years younger than myself.

    Apart from those born with conditions that lead to excess weight, the majority of people can get to their ideal weight without too much fuss. It is all about diet and calories consumed.

    Cut out as much processed food as possible. No “ready made” meals. It is cheaper to buy fresh ingredients and cook them yourself. Less meat, more veg and fruit. Cut out snacking on any kind of chocolate or biscuit. The sugar in fruit is good if eaten whole (not juice – never drink it or “cola”). Exercise daily for 30 minutes and a least twice a week break into a sweat from it – over 145 bpm). Walking the dog hardly counts. If you prefer do HIIT instead. I do a minimum of 10k steps everyday (get a fitbit or phone app) and run 5k twice or sometimes 3 times a week. Allow yourself a treat (reward) once a week.

    Consume less calories each day and the weight will drop off. A man could reduce his daily to 1700 for 4 months and will be amazed by the difference. Do NOT cut out a food group – like carbs. A diet that says so is “woo”. Your brain needs it carbs!! Get regular sleep in a dark room with no smart phones or tablets. Drink more water. Try different things to gain new experiences.

    Get a medical checkup first and again 6 months later. Soon it all becomes a normal part of ones lifestyle and no big deal.


    Simon Paynton

    I will say, Dr Fung seems completely legit, and well-supported by expert opinion.

    Dr Jason Fung: Therapeutic Fasting and Weight Loss (

    Ketosis: What is ketosis?  (

    As a diabetic, ketoacidosis is a horrible thing.  But apparently, ketosis is good.

    The only person I knew who achieved a permanent weight loss, did it through a low-carb diet (and he cut down on drinking).




    You obviously didn’t watch the videos LOL… It’s OK because you really don’t need to. Dr. Fung would be good for @unseen to check out too….

    Okay, I changed my mind…I am going to tell my story because people probably aren’t going to watch the videos.

    As a baby and growing up, I was always in excellent shape and very thin. I have memories of classmates staring at my stomach in awe at how thin I was.

    Around college things changed.  I started dating what everybody calls the “freshman 15″…and it was downhill from there. I’ve never gained an extreme amount of weight, it’s just been very slowly over the years, and all of my efforts to change it or futile.

    I saw a doctor here, in Seattle, from a reputable, evidence-based practice.  Essentially I was told that I would never get better. I was told that I am pretty much stuck this way, and that there was very little that I could do  except for surgery. And when I found out that my biological father looks just like me, and also  has the same condition, I thought well there’s nothing I can do. Not anything that would make a very big difference.

    It turns out that there absolutely is something that I can do and it is not what I have been told by nutritionists and doctors!

    Dr. Jason Fung is 100% spot on.  Type two diabetes is a disease of insulin….

    Eating six meals a day like they tell you to do in the United States is the absolute opposite thing that we should be doing, because we’re continuing to Spike are insulin most of the day.  When insulin is raised, so his blood sugar, and we end up storing all of that sugar as fat when we don’t use it.

    The big myth about exercise however is that it really does not burn that many calories as you think. You could run a fucking marathon and maybe then there would be a difference but even still, it’s not enough to rid the body of all the extra sugar that we’re putting into our bodies here in the United States.

    The solution is to reduce insulin, but the focus has constantly been in the United States on counting calories.  I’ve been told the same thing to eat about 1000 cal a day and… Who the fuck knows how to count calories like that all the time? It doesn’t work. It’s not sustainable. Nobody does it. Everybody knows this! But we’re still told to do it anyway and then treated as if we’re fucking low lives if we can’t stick with the plan.

    Well it turns out, the solutions actually really fucking simple. We evolved to not be eating six meals a day. We had periods of starvation. And we survived!

    What we eat is just as important as when we eat. And we’ve been told all wrong. We’ve been told the calories matter. Calories do not fucking matter. The body does not count calories. Weight gain and type two diabetes has everything to do with insulin.

    Suggest about everything you said is right, except for the fact about calories, and except for the thing about carbs. Carbs are not bad. But carbs that raise our insulin levels are bad. And it does not mean that you just cannot eat them. It means that you need to burn it off. We are  told here in the United States by doctors and nutritionists to eat six small meals a day. Well if those small meals include shit that spikes your insulin, and if you are having trouble with a very high base metabolic rate,  that’s why they say you can only lose about 2 pounds a week.  And who has patience for that? It doesn’t work. And for the very few that it does like maybe one person out of 100… The thing is that most people who even are able to lose weight gain it back within about a year. Why is that? That is what nobody was talking about. He is actually addressing that. The fact is that just because you cut your calories and lose some weight, the insulin resistance problem has not been solved, and your base metabolic rate (BMR) has not changed.

    I remember feeling very disheartened when I went to see a medical doctor, and they basically told me that I would be this way for the rest of my life.  I was told that my only hope was surgery.  But honestly I’m not in a position where I can have surgery. So I was basically fucked.

    It turns out that the doctor had no clue what she was talking about.

    Anyway he is definitely worth anybody else who is struggling with this to take a look. You’ll be blown away by the stuff he saying but it’s all true…




    I understand the relationship between diet and Typ2-2 diabetics to be well known.

    Actually no, the truth is not well known. And that’s just the point. We’ve been told lies

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    Simon Paynton

    @belen – I thought it was that extra insulin makes people lay down fat.  Carbs (any kind) raise blood sugar, and the raised blood sugar triggers a release of insulin.



    Not all carbs work the same. There’s a very big difference between a sweet potato and a doughnut. The sweet potato has other nutrients, and more importantly fiber. The donut is pure sugar. So yeah there’s a very big difference in what carbs you eat.




    Here is the United States we eat way way way way way way too much sugar,  and don’t even know it.

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    That is very true. I posted articles on “too much sugar” a few times last year in “This weeks’ Woo” in Sunday School. Here is another one which needs to be addressed.

    I agree that “not all carbs are the same”. It is just that some long term  diets are “zero carbs” diets and as such are pseudoscience.


    Simon Paynton

    Not all carbs work the same.

    – I agree, the difference is between “complex” versus “refined” carbohydrates.  Complex ones are big long-chain sugars and this, together with the fibre in, say, sweet potatoes, means that they take a lot longer to get broken down into glucose.  So, the blood sugar is raised less, but for a lot longer.  This is what an insulin-dependent diabetic needs to get them through the day.

    Refined carbohydrates – like sucrose, fructose, or glucose, are already almost in the form the body needs to use.  So, there is a big spike in blood sugar, followed by a fall.  Of course, the insulin level goes right up in response.

    I also find that stress can raise the blood sugar a LOT, but general everyday stress isn’t enough, it has to be some kind of acute, unusual event.

    @unseen knows all about this.



    No no no you’re missing the point.  What I need to spell out for you is how he is different than every other doctor I’ve ever talk to you. Forget the stupid carbs for a minute. Let’s talk about base metabolic rate. We are told that our base metabolic rate isn’t really going to change.  He has shown that that is actually not true. This is a reversible disease without medication. That is what is revolutionary it has much more to do with the fact that we do have the ability to heal ourselves and it is so incredibly fucking simple… Where is simpler than we’ve been told, at least here in the United States.

    I’ll have to think of a more sis synced way to explain his entire thing… But ultimately I’ll tell you that it feels really relieving to finally have answers



    One of his extremely relevant point that I think is amazing is that our bodies really don’t give a shit about calories. It’s not at all about calories. So all the doctors that I’ve been on us for years about counting your calories… They’re full of shit. It has nothing to do with calories. It has everything to do  with insulin



    OK here’s a four minute video


    Simon Paynton

    In the US they seem to load up all the food with sugar.  British people find that even the bread is sweet.

    How does Dr Fung propose changing the base metabolic rate, and what does that have to do with anything?

    Complex carbs raise the insulin to a less high level than refined ones.  Once that sugar spike is in the blood stream, it’s hard to get rid of.

    I’ll check his video.

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