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    It’s been quite some time. Once upon a time I was a moderator/ prominent poster on the boards. Not long after the boards transferred ownership from Matthew/ Cara (iirc) –> Dan –> new owner my dad got kinda sick for a year and died. The site owner at the time unceremoniously dumped me as a mod without actually talking to me while my dad was on his death bed. The funny thing is even during that time I was still approving content, and moderating; I just wasn’t saying much. While I wasn’t that attached to being a moderator, that move left a pretty bad taste in my mouth, so in my fatigued state I packed up all my toys and left without a word.

    An autocorrect error in my browser and a redirect (surprisingly thinkatheist.com was still in my history on one device) later, and I ended up on this site. It seems as if, like most forums of this general format, activity has really slowed to a crawl, but I still see some familiar names kicking around. I figured I’d pop back in and say ‘hi’. Not sure how much I will post, but…


    Some weather we’re having, amirite? (and other assorted small talk)

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    Hi back, & wildfire smoky greetings to you!



    I’m so sorry about your dad. It’s a horrible loss.  Glad to see you back, though 🙂


    Glad you are here. Sorry to hear about your dad. I still remember the more prolific posters from the early days of Think Atheist.  Yeah, being a site mod is such a glamorous job title to have 🙂

    This evening is the first time in 4 months that I noticed a chill in the air here in Dublin. I reckon it is because the Pope is visiting here tomorrow. Now I must go look for my Darth Vader outfit…….



    Yeah, being a site mod is such a glamorous job title to have 🙂

    Back then it was mostly basic housekeeping. Sure it didn’t pay well (or at all), but you need never go hungry when you have all the spam you can eat.

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