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    I hate to have to go through this learning curve all over again. Creating new threads seems to be a bit obscure. After reading the Site Rules and Editorial Policy it appears that swearing is out though I haven’t read enough posts to be absolutely sure.

    It seems to me that anytime one says something like “It is my belief you are …..”, regardless of what is said, is a valid statement that does not violate the Site Rules. I learned while in the military that categorical statements were to be avoided or used with discretion while qualified statements were allowed. Thus if I were to say to an officer or higher ranked individual “You’re an asshole” you could be court marshaled or at least be given some other strong reprimand. But if you said “In my opinion you are an asshole”. Nothing official could be done, well, official that is.

    It appears to me on not too much reading that on this site one must be lily white being careful to maintain politically correct language.

    And trying to find threads less than a year old seems to be something less than easy.

    It’s a hell of a way to re-introduce myself but here I am.

    I’m not trying to test the waters just a bit of venting over having to go to a new site that bares little to no relationship to the other one except for the members.

    Hope I haven’t sinned a mortal sin.



    Having trouble figuring this site out too, rob3rt, & believe me, I like easy!



    I just tried to access TA and guess what I get redirected back here; Bummer.

    Apparently threads were not, maybe not, migrated over to AZ (not Arizona).

    Well so much for smileys. Tried but couldn’t get one to work. Another Bummer.

    This place needs help; not AZ but the host whoever that is.

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    That sure wasn’t a lot of transition time, was it?! I don’t know about this site….are we only allowed to see comments one at a time?



    The feature I would hope to see soon, is a “reply” link. That is, on TA you clicked on the Person replied to xxxx, and that link brought you to the actual reply that user made in the thread. Otherwise you have to go through the whole thread to find their response, which is tedious. I think it’s an essential feature that is needed here.

    I hope we can import the threads that are currently active.

    As for little things, I always loved the black background on the TA site. I sure hope we could still have it. Also, if there could be some side panels, it would make the site a lot easier to navigate.

    I can’t figure out what “ul” “ol” “li” stand for per the editing tools.

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    Why exactly are we doing this???? We were perfectly happy on TA….wtf…



    So far, this format is awful!!! I realize ning had issues, but this is no substitute!!!



    [quote](by JadeBlackOlive)So far, this format is awful!!! I realize ning had issues, but this is no substitute!!![/quote]

    It’s worse than awful. I wish whoever found this host had found some other host that had a format similar to most of the other forums – all regardless of the subject; health, atheist, religious or otherwise.

    I am a member of a few other forums and this is the most unfriendly one I think I’ve ever seen.

    [quote](by Belle Rose)Why exactly are we doing this???? We were perfectly happy on TA….wtf…[/quote]

    I’m with you Belle. I have no idea what the problems with ning were but certainly not enough to saddle us with this site.

    And Davis, I concur with your suggestions and am also confused with the /ul and /ol thingies. In fact most of the formatting bar is unintelligible. What the hell, for instance means blockquote?

    As you can see I’ve had to manually add quotes.

    Well, I guess that answers that question. I really don’t like this forum form. And while I’m at it what the hell is all this backlashing along with the apostrophe when you are typing a contracted word?

    The codding in the background seems a bit fashioned, though I don’t code and haven’t looked at it. Un ungainly to say the least.

    Ranting is not going to make the site better, I just hope the forum owners/moderators Take notice and do something to make this site more user friendly. Or move to another host.



    “ul” “ol” “li” are used to list items.


    There is a reply link above each message/reply.



    Hi Everyone!

    It’s been a while since I checked in and I see we are now back to “The Zone”.

    As a recovering addict and alcoholic (27 years now!) I hate change. But it’s inevitable i guess. Hopefully this is a good thing and we’ll acclimate and end up enjoying this really “white” website; as opposed to the black background at ThinkAtheist. Miss the graphics…

    How is everyone?! Good to be back.



    (by Davis)“ul” “ol” “li” are used to list items.


    There is a reply link above each message/reply.

    I seldom if ever use lists on these forums but will try to remember this little bit of information.

    Thanks, Davis. BTW what does @davis mean? Is that a link to a social networking site? (I wouldn’t know since I never use them).

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    Yea, the original TA platform was perhaps the best forum platform I have ever used, this one is aesthetically uninteresting…not to mention the history that is lost if that is to be the case.

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    Firstly, my huge thanks to @umar for paying for the cost of TA/Ning for the past dozens of months!

    On the positive side of AZ, it’s more mobile friendly, and I think we can make Groups more popular and useful because of its Group features.

    This BuddyPress platform on WordPress is non-commercial, and a bit geekier as a result. I’ve had ideas on making AZ user-friendlier, starting with the Tips group.

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    I’m on atheist universe, ain’t no god, atheist republic, atheist nexus, all under different usernames, but they aren’t like this set up in any way. I can still open think atheist, so don’t know what’s going on.



    The one constant in life is change.
    So, to embrace life is to embrace change.
    Doesn’t mean it’s easy, though.
    Perhaps one reason people have stuck to thousands of years old religions is because to change requires thought and it’s just too much trouble.

    I’m one of the most cynical people you’re ever gonna meet. I expect nothing, so when I get it, I’m not disappointed. Oddly, I don’t find change so much as an annoyance, but as a challenge.

    I would imagine the changes imposed on us by those who have put us in the “Zone” have more to do with the administration of the website than its use, so I won’t complain about that. What I will bitch about is the arbitrary decision to, on the profile page, decide that the earliest birth year of users on this site will be 1957. So, I guess I’m either not welcome here, or you don’t believe that anyone over the age of 60 would have any interest in this website. On the other hand, the most recent birth year in your database is 2027. So, at this moment in time, it’s believed that more people who have not yet been born will be interested in participating in discussions here than people who have been alive for 6 decades or more. That’s just sad.

    Oh, and it’s also my opinion that everyone has a right to bitch about anything that bugs them, so feel free to disagree with me!

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