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    Yes, I noticed, & at 70 years of age, I guess I don’t matter today.


    On reading the comments about embracing change I am reminded of a joke Hitchens once told:

    A Buddhist monk, visiting New York City for the first time in twenty years, walks up to a hot dog vendor, hands him a twenty dollar bill, and says, “Make me one with everything.”
    The vendor pockets the money, and hands the Buddhist monk his hot dog. The monk, after gobbling down the dog, asks for his change. The vendor looks at him and says, “Change comes from within.” With a wistful smile, the monk walks away.



    How did you manage to keep your avatar? When I came here, I lost my beautiful black kitty, & got my wordpress unicorns. Maybe I need to change my wordpress avatar?



    Did it!


    Well done. I kept my “Science Dog” pic as I look so handsome, don’t ya’ think?



    Yes, a VERY handsome fellow!



    Somebody let me know when TA is back.


    Davyd R Ondrejko

    Heya!  Just coming here after a while away from TA (I think, time is such a hassle to keep track of).  If it’s hard to understand the tabs at the top of the message box (ul, ol, li, etc.) just make sure that you’ve got the “Visual” selected in the upper right corner instead of “Text.”  Makes it a lot more intuitive AND will explain what those pictures mean if you hover over them.

    Now, I did check out the profile thing but the only thing I saw there was a space for ‘name.’  (Also uploaded profile and cover images, of course).  Where is the age?  (And whatever else there might be?)  Since I’m actually young enough to put My correct birth year in there, that makes Me feel special.  (Just turned 50, btw.)

    I actually think I like this site.  Maybe I don’t remember TA that well though, and I just came here a few hours ago, so I might be in for a learning experience.  One complaint that I will agree with, though, is the bright white background; My eyes are very light-sensitive and this screen actually hurts to look at too much.  I might have to wear sunglasses to do a lot of posting.

    Anyhow, glad to be back, hoping to get to some actual philosophical discussion rather than web design issues.

    — Davyd



    Hey Umar. Three comments/questions:

    1. Is it possible to have a multi-threaded format. It’s much much easier to follow a conversation with replies embedded in replies (like the reply tree we had at thinkatheist).

    2. The web version will not allow me to load the desktop. The web version is just as limiting as TA was, but with TA I could try to load the desktop version and it worked sometimes

    3. Is there a holo style available?



    Hey Davyd, welcome and thanks for your notes and questions. Features here worked well for me yesterday, but differently today, and I have to get on wifi later today to figure out what’s changed (AZ or my steps?!), possibly write up a problem report, but most importantly write up something more useful in response to your posts.

    Suggestions off the top of my head (and I’m not really asking you to reply, yet):

    1. If you select some text while writing a reply, then press the i or I format button, the selected text doesn’t become italic, or… ?
    2. For replying with a block quote I select text in the post I’m replying to, then hit the “Quote” button to start writing. That button doesn’t show up unless you’re reading posts in Forum mode.

    Although mobile mode works much better for me here in AZ than in TA, I need to figure out why I’m sometimes not in the right mode! I’m guessing it has to do with accidentally being in an impromtu  comment mode instead of being in a Forum comment mode.

    I’ll definitely figure this out, post a tip or two with screen pics, and link you/everyone to it. (Again for TA veterans, at least while on mobile, AZ works much better for me than in TA… in spite of these [dare I say temporary?] quirks.)


    Davyd R Ondrejko

    Heya Pope!  No, there were no format buttons, but that’s because I wasn’t in Forum mode I guess, I was just typing what seems to be an “update” to a thread.  Just have to get used to how to get where I want to be!

    And btw, for anyone who doesn’t like the bright white background, I found (about half an hour ago) an addon for Firefox that totally fixes that.  It’s called (very appropriately, if unimaginatively) “Dark background & light text.”  Fully customizable and actually makes the pages look a little like I remember TA looking.  Makes My eyes a lot happier too, on this site and most other sites I’ve visited since installing it.  Only for Firefox, though I think I saw that there was a version for Chrome as well.  (Though why someone would voluntarily use Chrome is beyond My understanding.  Of course I hear of a lot of people who use Windows 10 too.) ;-P




    This is crap! How the hell can we make any changes to the text? Color, size? All there is is Bold or Italic. There are, as far as I’m concerned better atheist sites. But then I don’t do social media stuff. I don’t even text or receive texts.

    Umar please delete my membership completely.



    I don’t like this so far either.

    I’m a member of atheistuniverse, aintnogod, atheistrepublic, most under different usernames, & used to be in atheistnexus, until the demand for money handouts got a bit much.

    All of them have better formats than this nonsense.


    Davyd R Ondrejko

    I am of the opinion that the *content* of posts is more important than making them look PRETTY.  I don’t mind the format personally, as I often find that an overabundance of formatting options can be more of a hindrance than a help.  YMMV, of course.



    Howdy.  I never really got into the ThinkAtheist forum after initially joining.  So this changeover isn’t likely to affect me at all.  But I do just want to chime in and say that I really like the Sunday School e-mails and hope that will continue going forward.

    That’s all.  Wish you all  a great day and a fab weekend.

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