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    Marti Harris

    So…Hi! I’m Marti! I’m a somewhat middle-aged atheist, minimalist, eco-hippie/gadget junkie mom of two, married to a lapsed Catholic anime junkie. When I’m not busy indoctrinating my poor innocent children in the finer points of overthrowing religion and helping our Illuminati overlords come to power, I enjoy writing speculative fiction, designing furniture, sculpting, painting, jewelry making, practicing woodland survival skills, and baking cookies and shit. I also have an unnatural fondness for fuzzy socks and British folk bands.



    Welcome Marti Harris,


    The eco- part resonates with my earlier readings of Alfo Leopold’s  A Sand County Almanac, Euell Gibbons, and visiting eco-hippies in New Mexico such as Michael Moore (Southwest School of Botanical Medicine).






    Hello, Marti.


    Marti Harris

    Hi, peeps!

    Mike, I’m jealous, lol (you’ve been to the Southwest School of Botanical Medicine).

    Jade, your icon looks like my Ebby. 😀



    Hi Marti, welcome to AZ!



    Hi Marti! I’m an ex-Christian, former Mennonite… I rarely log in around here anymore but I’m glad you found this place.




    My avatar looks like my beautiful Wisspurr, but we lost her almost 2 years ago. Still miss her.

    We have 2 cats now.


    Hi Marti and welcome.


    Daniel W.

    Hi @martiharris!  You have some cool sounding activities.  I don’t design furniture, but I do frequent the local “ReBuilding Center” aka used house parts semi-junkyard, for stuff to refinish, restore, repurpose, rebuild etc.  A significant part of our house is at least partly from there.  No cookies, but I all of our bread these days is home made sourdough.  Do some similar stuff.

    Glad you are indoctdinating your young with reason.  Somebody’s gotta do it 😈



    Hey Marti!

    Ever heard of Mike Reynolds? Might be your cup o tea…I’m building one!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!

    Anyway, welcome…I mean bienvenido!!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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