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    Jeffrey Sachs headed a Lancet* commission to study Covid. He is not anti-vaccine but he says he knows we were lied to about the sources of Covid and about what’s going on as far as developing “gain of function” in potentially catastrophic viruses. It was “plain as day” according to his panel of researchers that Covid came out of a lab not a “wet market.”

    He says the Dems and the GOP must stop looking at this as a political football and protect the American public and the world by accepting the facts as presented by nonpartisan experts uninfluenced by international politics.

    The Lancet team’s view on origins is also held by Dr. Robert Redfield, who held the position most recently held by Dr. Fauci just before Fauci took it.

    What makes Redfield more believable than Fauci is that Fauci had to operate in a more politicized environment under a hostile administration.

    * Lancet. You know: just one of the top 2 or 3 medical science journals in the world.

    Covid-19 origin debate ‘squashed’, ex-CDC chief Dr Robert Redfield claims

    (Boy, a lot of these proponents of what we are told are crazy conspiracy theories sure look more like experts than crackpots, don’t they?)

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