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    I’d like to see some evidence of unclassified news suppression by our Democratic White House or Republican congress, since you keep saying that. Are they suddenly working in consort for a change? That would be the best breaking news story ever.

    The mainstream media are capitalist enterprises dependent on advertising now more than ever. Your frail excuses doesn’t change that. Did the fact that Hunter Biden’s laptop existed and wasn’t a Russian fabrication somehow qualify as “classified”? How about the Russiagate narrative, promoted by the Democrats with the full cooperation of the mainstream press and Twitter? Classified? Who’s a real journalist, Robert, someone who goes out to find the truth or someone who writes what someone in a corner office upstairs tells them to write? Your characterization of Alt journalists as fabulists doesn’t fit the facts. As for Jimmy Dore, he is a political comedian as were Lenny Bruce, Dick Gregory, and George Carlin. He’s not a journalist, but if you watch his shows, he has real journalists on and he cites original sources and digs deeper than the New York Timez apparently did with their Biden Laptop disinformation.

    Said the guy the guy posting epidemiological misinformation from the kitchen of a retired nurse/clown. Journalists are not broadcasters or show hosts who merely subscribe to news services that hire real journalists (often specialists) all over the world doing things from scanning police radios and twitter posts to conducting interviews, writing the copy, gathering video/photographs and so on.

    You do understand that the President of the United States offered foreign nations financial/military favors in return for digging up dirt on his domestic political opposition, right? And….

    As of May 16, 2019, when the prosecutor general’s office cleared Biden and his son of alleged corruption,[86][87] there is no evidence that Biden acted to protect his son’s involvement with Burisma, although Trump, Giuliani, and their allies have fueled speculation.

    So which is the bigger story? Corruption by the sitting President and an resulting impeachment…..or someone being cleared? Well, that depends on how many fake-news loving MAGATs you want to reach….LOL

    So yeah, good luck with your excellent MAGA research.



    Journalists are not broadcasters or show hosts who merely subscribe to news services that hire real journalists (often specialists) all over the world doing things from scanning police radios and twitter posts to conducting interviews, writing the copy, gathering video/photographs and so on.

    Once again, you are relying on a mere assumption that “alt” journalists don’t do actual journalism stuff like “scanning police radios and twitter posts to conducting interviews, writing the copy, gathering video/photographs and so on.” Do you offer any proof? Of course not. What they don’t do is listen to someone above them with a grip on their career telling them “We can’t print that just yet. Wait for the election” or simply “We need you to move on to something else” for the unstated reason that Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, or some other major advertiser won’t be happy. Mainstream media sources are businesses whose first legal duty is to their shareholders, not the truth.

    So, that goes to major media motivations. How about their history of truth-telling? Well, the major media were lazy and just passed along “information” it got from a very limited number of sources, mostly governmental (the CDC and FDA primarily). Example: “It’s no worse than the flu”; Example: “Washing hands and surfaces is the most important thing to do”; Example: “There’s no need to mask”; Example: “Asymptomatic transmission isn’t a ‘thing'”; Example: “We’re running out of ventilators”; Example: “We can’t produce a vaccine in just a few months”; Example: “Rural communities are safe.”

    The truth came out eventually, which is why the public got whiplash, and if the public became skeptical, having the government ahead of its skis in its pronouncements may have been why. Often it was noncorporate journalists telling what turned out to be true, based on their independent research.

    You characterize Dr. John Campbell as merely a “clown.” At least he presents his arguments by citing original sources. You don’t have to take what he says on a “because I say so basis.” He also recognizes that there are other reputable sources than the CDC and FDA, such as experts and agencies in countries like the UK, Australia, Germany, Sweden, etc. Not exactly medical backwaters run by voodoo shamans. And the more we learn about Dr. Fauci, the less confidence we should have had in the CDC. For example, many experts and independent investigators are becoming sure that Covid-19 was a lab leak and not a cross-species transfer from some possible wet market animal to humans. That includes the FBI.  It appears, contrary to Fauci’s insistence, that the United States did dangerous research in Wuhan, China and in various labs in Ukraine as well. Research that would have been illegal in the United States.


    Christians who follow the Bible (not all of them do) are commanded to “be ye all of one mind”. Not sure of the exact verse but possibly the book of Peter. I think most of them have accomplished that. The end of the verse also tells them not to be proud. Most of them are not quite there yet.

    The problem arises when sharing the same limited information over and over again. It leads to the same mind set.  One book is not enough. One source of information is not enough.



    As an atheist,

    This is not the stance of an Atheist. It is a principle some atheists (and only some) have. It is the stance of a rationalist, a good scientist (not all of them) and someone with intellectual integrity. Atheists lack belief in God. There are hundreds of millions of them who believe all sorts of nonsense, including an untold number of Spiritualists in the West, superstitious in East Asia as well as radical libertarians or communists.

     I am not afraid of saying  “I don’t know” if the facts are unavailable to me.

    To be able to say: “I don’t know” or “I was wrong” or “I am no longer as certain as I was” or “We need more information” is liberating. It absolutely sets you free. Needing an answer, when an answer is not yet available, by searching for it through ridiculous holy books, most of social media or bad news sites (most news sites) or terrible websites (cough cough…unseen…cough cough), is giving into a weakness, an unfortunate byproduct of our evolution which made sense a long time ago but is, for the most part, toxic baggage now.




    “Please, Sir. I want some more Facts.” 😁

    Christians indeed are of ond mind, much like The Borg, but that Borg Collective split first from Catholic to Orthodox, then from Catholic to Lutheran and Calvinist Protestant, then from there to Wesleyan, Congregationalist, Anabaptist, Baptist, Quaker, Mormon, Adventist, and 30,000+ other Schisms and Denominations. Hence, the oneness of mind is within each of these Mitoses of Mysticism and occasionally from Ecumunical Symbiosis when they share a common enemy of another Mysticism or of Anti-Mysticism.

    And the “pride” that Christians condemn is intellectual pride that comes from using Reason independently of either Authority, Tradition, or Popularity. The more devout Christians are certainly devoid of that pride.

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    If by “terrible news sites” you mean a site like Jimmy Dore. Do I believe anything he says because he says it? No. He’s a politically-oriented comedian. However, he does document his thinking and he does have journalist guests. It’s those sources I take more seriously. Nothing is wrong simply because it was on Jimmy Dore. To say so is poisoning the well. Nothing is correct because it was on Jimmy Dore, either.

    I might leave the impression I spend all day on Jimmy Dore because I present his stuff here occasionally, but I do that because he’s a good conversation starter or energizer and he’s entertaining.

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