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    Autumn, I told you what the difference was: Ye rose to the level of death threats against a whole people and had the means to fund people who could carry it out. Isabel Fall did not.

    It has nothing to do with Fall. I was making fun of you before you needlessly brought her up.

    And if the Woke mob didn’t bother to ask who Isabel Fall was, how can they be expected to know whether the meme was even Transphobic in the first place?

    The meme was transphobic before Fall wrote her story. She didn’t invent the meme. It had existed for years before her story was written and published.

    Maybe I’d want to identify as and be a helicopter! No, not to initiate an attack, but to stave off the attacks of an irrational world gone mad!

    Suicide isn’t the answer.

Viewing 61 post (of 61 total)

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