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    For better or for worse–this time, for better–I made a discovery a couple of days ago:

    A woman came up to me at the register and asked me the price for a long-stemmed lighter behind the counter.  “I need to price a lighter for lighting candles, please?” she asked.

    I was deep into my work and looking down at my register and fixtures for the bulk of the time; I picked up the lighter off the display hook on the peg-board, scanned it on my glass scanner surface, then told her: “3,99, plus tax.”

    At that moment, I looked up at her and what to my wondering eyes should appear…

    She was wearing a dark blue sweater with a Gold Menorah of 9 lit candles knitted into the yarn-work, Gold Stars of David lining the waist, and the words: “Happy Hanukkah!” in white beneath the Menorah!

    She and her two children were also wearing light blue COVID-19 masks, also decorated with Menorahs and Stars of David!

    I smiled beneath my own mask and said: “Say, great sweater!  I’ve never seen a Hanukkah Sweater!  Happy Hanukkah to you and yours!”🕎✡

    I didn’t use the words “ugly sweater” because it really was a unique, well put-together design!

    Now, if Hanukkah Sweaters start getting ugly like Christmas Sweaters, I’ll just tell them: “Look!  You don’t have to do that to be accepted!  Be glad you’re not Shiksa!  You’ve got a homeland here and a second homeland, both armed with nukes, so ditch the Ugly Sweaters! You’ll be just fine!” ⚛🚀😎

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)

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