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    Hi, I just joined this group as I tried, after eons of inactivity, to login to my old Think Atheist account but was unable to. What happened to Think Atheist? Is Atheist Zone its legitimate successor?


    Simon Mathews

    Hi @dubitator, welcome to AtheistZone. Yes, this is the legitimate successor to Think Atheist. There were various reasons for the change in site, notably issues with how the old site was hosted. The TA content has been retained as an archive.

    If you want to read the background see the TA forum post



    Welcome, @dubitator! What Simon said [ahem 🙂 ].

    You can find your own, and other vintage TA content by using search tips in my Tips Group. If you copy any content from TA to AZ, just make sure you don’t include any Ning links, since only TA has been licensed to use them.



    Thanks for the information! I’m guessing “Atheist Zone” doesn’t have chat capability like the Ning-based Think Atheist had.




    There are plugins for chat. I may add first only group chat to test.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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