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    To give you an idea of how pernicious rape culture is (and I’m using this term VERY broadly) to show just to what extent not only do many environments encourage or at least enable rape, society at large still frequently downplays, excuses it, especially when charismatic people, those one knows or star characters are accused. This is a case of a woman who had audio of someone admitting rape, a signed confession and yet the verdict against her rapist was not unanimous. She was also disbelieved by some of the public and still faced vile comments. It shows how rape and sexual assault often requires an extremely unreasonable bar of proof (more than other kinds of crimes which equally destroy a person’s reputation and involve severe penalties).

    Of note is how horrific the UK legal system can be in the latitude that defence lawyers have in an ability to attack victims during cross examination. You would be appalled if you read a transcript, hear the accusatory and agressive tones they are allowed to use. They can virtually, in a sense, badger the fuck out of a witness, put words in their mouths, make wild claims and accusations and in the process retraumatise a vicitm.

    Here is the article in questions


    Simon Paynton

    It saddens me that a generation of young men are being led up the wrong path by rapey misogynistic influencers like Andrew Tate.  These young men are ripe for exploitation because they don’t necessarily know any better.

    According to the theory of patriarchy that I follow, it’s a method of reproduction, at men’s convenience.  Men need women in order to reproduce.  So, there are two ways of getting women to play ball.  One is for the man to make himself into an ideal partner.  The other is control and coercion, which is probably easier and surer.  In a non-patriarchal society, the first strategy is the only acceptable one.

    Someone like Andrew Tate espouses the second strategy of control and coercion, when in a modern egalitarian society, young men should be learning how to make themselves into ideal partners.  What’s more, in doubling down on this strategy, they are leading themselves further and further into a nihilistic, self-destructive doom spiral.



    In a non-patriarchal society, the first strategy is the only acceptable one.

    I pretty much believe a matriarchal world would be a better place. Wouldn’t mind if 2/3 of us self-identified as women, or at least not dominant males. Men could be happy with that, right? Would have to ask women first, though.


    Simon Paynton

    I pretty much believe a matriarchal world would be a better place.

    I don’t think a world where women rule over men would be any better than a world where men rule over women.  I think egalitarianism is the way to go.

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