Trump Can Become Dictator Due to a Loophole in the Constitution

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    I really like the parts of the South that I am familiar with. I am a regular visitor to Atlanta and from there I travel to different places. Most Thanksgivings are spent there or we drive through Alabama and stay in Panama City Beach. Atlanta is similar to many cities around the world. It has its affluent areas with very good Universities, cultural amenities and parks etc. It also has places that are very impoverished and no tourist would venture there. But that is the same as every other cities ion every other country that I have lived in or visited. I have lived in the “rough areas” of some cities but never had a problem there and always had good neighbors. Once on a visit to Manhattan the first person I saw on Wall St was homeless. Yes, education is a way out of poverty and ignorance but it has to be equally accessible to all citizens. The problem is children can’t learn too much on an empty stomach.



    I believe education is the magic bullet for poverty and ignorance

    I agree with that, however the emphasis on University is around here is intense. We have legions of liberal arts graduates waiting tables and working in food markets. They are disillusioned. Some of the engineering grads that I have interviewed…well lets just say-good luck with the loans-I can’t see them succeeding. Try finding a good plumber or electrician is like pulling teeth. The transition from grade schools to real life is so haphazard in the US.

    You’re right. I’m a photographer and a writer. I could have been a painter. The idea that people go into debt in order to learn photography, writing, or how to paint seems as absurd as it is tragic to me. These are things you can learn to do either on your own or by working under a more skilled person. Plus, they also involve talent, and talent is not something a college degree can give you.



    Looking more like the dictator may go down. I was not aware an impeached president could run again. His accomplishments, LOL….

    1) Mexico will pay for border Wall
    2) Repeal of Obamacare
    3) Infrastructure bill
    4) Reduced drug prices
    5) Lowered healthcare costs
    6) Won the trade war
    7) 5% growth GDP
    8) decreasing the national debt
    9) Increased coal mining jobs
    10) Locking up Hillary

Viewing 3 posts - 121 through 123 (of 123 total)

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