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    Hi to all,


    today I received a friend invite from Alejandro Santiago and Sue Saunders and just after that this email (obviously a scam):

    sue saunders sent you a new message: “may this message meet you in good health”

    “Dear Anna,
    My name is Mrs Sue Saunders from UK, I am a widow and an orphan, I lost my husband 5 years ago, before then I was diagnosed with cancer, the reason why I am here on this wonderful site is because I want to see how best I can touch lives positively.
    Life is too short so no matter what you have, as long as its material things ,its all vanity and you cant take it along when its time for you to go, the most important thing is live a good life.
    Before my husband died he he worked as one of the chief engineer in one of the biggest gold and diamond mine in Liberia , the reason why I am saying all this is because my doctor says I have very limited time so please I want you to know that this message to you is not just a blessing to you but your family and most importantly to help realize the dream me and my late husband failed to bring to light, which is to help the needy and less privileged , my late husband left behind 8.3 million USD.
    The reason why I am saying this is because I have decided to choose you as my next of kin, and I want you to use those funds for the following reasons.
    1 donate to the orphanage homes
    2. Help the less privilege
    3 help the widows and widower
    4. Help children who have lost their parents during this Corona virus crisis.
    If we don’t do this the bank top officials will share the money among themselves once I am gone because they know I am a widow and an orphan, but that will only happen if I don’t present someone as my next of kin, they will use that opportunity to divide and miss use my husband’s hard earned money.
    Please kindly contact my lawyer at alstoncarmah1@gmail.com, his name is Barrister Alston C Armah,
    When you contact him make sure you include this code 216798sue this is the only way he will attend to you, this is because of the high rate of scammers and money laundering people on the Internet.
    He will also give you more details, I am sorry I have to stop here because I am getting weak, this is the longest message I have wrote in a while now, stay blessed
    Mrs. Sue Saunders”.


    Please, watch out!





    Based on the occasional assaults of fake new profiles it was bound to happen.



    Yes Anna, thank you for this warning! I deleted this member a couple hours ago. So I suspect that you’ve copy/ pasted that text from an email, or from an old AZ post that that should have also disappeared? Please let me know if you still see this post anywhere on AZ.

    This also goes for any friend requests from this scammer… I believe those friend requests are also deleted from AZ now, but again, please let me or another mod know if you still see anything on AZ from this scammer.



    Yes, I copy/pasted that text from an email. Thank you.


    tom sarbeck

    What fun, when I was tutoring, to say people have to tell computers what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and when to stop doing it, so they are dumb but fast.



    Alejandro, my apologies if you are reading this. In my haste, I foolishly deleted you as an AtheistZone member after reading Anna’s post. Please sign up again. (I have no other way to contact you.)


    Paul Hargrove

    I just got a friend request from sue saunders too.



    Her friend request did not pass the sniff test.



    Dang. I really wanted that money. Are you telling me she was lying?!?!?



    I didn’t get to the money part.  I just looked at how many friend requests she had in such a short time.  Looked fishy.


    Glen D

    Oh for goodness sake!

    Is that still around?.

    IE. The Nigerian Prince/Spanish Prisoner/Advance Fee Fraud  / Nigerian 419 scam. I’m sure there are other names for it.

    Last time I received an email of this scam, I replied :

    “Thank you for your advance fee scam email. I have forwarded the details to INTERPOL. With luck you should  be hearing from them soon”

    That this scam is still around a decade later suggests it still works often enough to make it worth the scammer’s time.

    There is an aphorism attributed to con men: “You can’t cheat an honest man”





    half an hour ago I got another friend request from her. She is stubborn.



    Thanks again Anna. The best I can tell, Sue’s had earlier IDs set up and we’re now seeing use of those past IDs.

    I’ve taken more measures but am not sure how well they’ll work. (By the way, I got the same email, but I have no way to know who else or how many other members also get them.)



    Thanks, I also received this.  Helpful to have this warning here.



    I’m sure I’m not the only guy who gets friend requests from hot young babes. I only accept friend requests from (a) people I know or (b) for some compelling reason, which can be a mutual friend, they appreciated a post I made, or a mutual interest.

    Often, this babe who looks to be in the late teens or 20’s, has only been on Facebook for days or months. A young women who just joined Facebook? I don’t think so.

    Often, she’ll have relatively few friends, all male. A young woman with no female besties? Once again, I don’t think so.

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