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    Welcome to everyone who successfully transferred across! Have a rummage around if you’re new to the site – we should have a much more stable platform here than we had on the ning network. Feel free to add friends as you build your profile – and if you want to try out a few posts, well go ahead!



    Thanks Strega!



    Is there an option to make the threads readable, perhaps in some sort of chronological order or with replies to a post below the post they replied to?

    As its formatted now, the site discussions are too hard to follow, and even being able to have posts in simple oldest to youngest order/top-down, would help/be a massive improvement.

    I looked for some sort of preferences, etc, and did not find any….to adjust these things.


    PLEASE tell me I just did not FIND where to adjust these things, and NOT that this is a format we’re stuck with.








    Replies are sorted in ascending order. This means the latest reply shows on the last page.


    Davyd R Ondrejko

    Hello everyone, and Welcome (or since I’m new here, welcome to Me, I guess).  I was a member of some forum or another some five or six years ago (that eventually became this forum after I left) then dropped away for whatever reason.  I was just doing an Internet search on My name and found some of those old discussions, and realized that I had several interesting discussions there.  I haven’t had many such discussions since then and decided to give it another shot.

    I’ve been having some discussions with some people on Facebook but it’s just … not the same.  Less focused discussions, more trolls, a plethora of unrelated content, and just a lot of LCD’s.  Here’s hoping the people here can bring Me a bit of hope for intelligent life on Earth.

    — Davyd


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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