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    Many shape shifting UFOs have been filmed in the last decade. But what are they?’


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    Michael, I do now believe in miracles. As soon as I see a subject line, I know when it’s a post by Michael17 (17 years old?).


    What are they? Umm, maybe God out for a spin in his new flying saucer?



    But what are they?

    1. How can anyone be sure that this isn’t just an optical manipulation done by guy operating the recording device?
    2. How can anyone be sure, with such a pure blue background, that some optical post processing in software isn’t being used to intentionally make that object “shape shift”?
    3. With my radar jamming electronics experience in the Air Force, I’ll even go so far as to say that it’s theoretically possible someday for stealth-like aircraft (or ground and water vehicles) to optically bend light or output light to appear differently, or even disappear from view, especially when the background is as uniform as a blue sky.
    4. Makes me think of making a classic image (of one’s cultural preference), e.g. Jesus, appear on toast!


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    @popebeanie –  I had my atheism confirmed when I saw an image of Big Bang in a slice of toast.



    I had my atheism confirmed when I saw an image of Big Bang in a slice of toast.

    If only authors of Revelations mentioned electric toasters, for the consideration of future civilizations…



    Indeed. I am yet to read any ancient text that consistently made clear undeniable confirmable notable precise future predictions, revealed currently unknown knowledge (about human psychology, how the world works etc) or provided a system where followed led to reliable human happiness for all who followed. You may find 1-5% of the predictions work out (usually in a fuzzy sense, which is about as good as chance would allow) and that some (and only some) find happiness (which you would find for just about any non-inane guide for how to live a happy life) and that of “uknown knowledge” seems to be at a much less than 1% rate when extremely generously interpreted.

    Think about it: If you created some simulation which conscious beings and you wanted to send a message to your beings…would you:

    1. Do so in a way that was prone to muddle the message as it was passed on

    2. Do so in a way that the message is misinterpreted by many

    3. Paint the bloody message unambiguously on on the moon (or equivalent in your world) so all could see or just hardwire it into people’s brains (or equivalent in your world)?

    If you choose 1 or 2, then you are either a dick or you just don’t care about the message or what people do with it. If you choose 3, you clearly care.

    If you apply consequences to people not following the message…then doing anything other than number 3 would be immoral in any conceivable moral system.

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    I agree. Fortunately hoaxes can be called out with todays investigative technologies, whereas in the 80s this was not so, however I don’t no the history of this particular video.

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    Someone was about to give an explanation on the video, but TikTok or whomever cut it off at the end. Maybe Emperor Xi and his Minions who run TikTok must know the answer and redacted it. 🇨🇳

    Couldn’t you produce effects like that by simply fiddling with the focus of one of the old-timey manual Single Lens Reflex cameras? Or maybe bending a piece of plexiglass while using it as a filter over an object that produced or reflected the light?

    I know I can see all kinds of weird things by just getting a smudge on my glasses or just squinting.

    In any event, there is a rational explanation within the realm of the Natural Universe. Perhaps you sbould investigate further…and keep the Greasy Kid’s Stuff off the camera lens.




    Must be the Cinnamon Raisin Swirl Bread or the Everything Roll. (Careful, the poppy seeds in the latter may make you test positive on a drug screen.)

    Whether this is accidental or on purpose, I think I just discovered the unofficial Naturalist Anthem:

    “My Universe”–Coldplay X BTS X Supernova7 X DJ Lafrique

    Don’t cha know? When exploring the Universe, there always some punchbowl pisser trying to “shut it down.” Good thing the the heroes got away.

    And with Korean lyrics Translated to English

    A bit of a contrast to Coldplay’s earlier hit “Higher Power”

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