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    Was just going there for a random reason and see that it no longer exists per DNS system (i.e. just get a “404” error). Also, @atheistnexus on twitter no longer exists, and some other place I looked for them they’re gone. The domain name’s not expired at GoDaddy.

    Very strange. Google doesn’t help except to show cached pages. Couldn’t find any talk about it in the cached pages that I looked for, but maybe I didn’t look hard enough.




    This is what I have from a couple of friends of mine there.  I’ve been on atheistsuniverse.net since 2013 as Mrs.B, & some a/n people are moving over there too.



    It would seem our sister website Atheist Nexus has been down for the last 24hrs. If anyone knows what has happened could they let us know? Thanks


    I’ve been all over the issue of Atheist Nexus being down since I first noticed it, yesterday around 4 PM EDT.  Particularly disturbing was that the error message was 404, Site Not Found.  I’ve had an exchange with Brother Richard, and he basically told me that:

    He had been looking to turn the site over to someone else.
    There had been a massive screw-up by Ning.
    He may just let it go.
    Needless to say, that last has me more than a bit upset, since I have been contributing to A|N since November of 2009.  Much of what I have written is backed up on my own machine, but still … that place was sorta “home” for me for a very long time.

    If I learn anything further, I’ll post it here or somewhere, and at some point, I may write a blog.


    In re: What happened with Atheist Nexus?  Well, apparently, after well over 10 years of service to the freethinking community, A|N is no more.  That’s a damned shame, because it was a great bunch of people, some of whom are making it over here to atheist universe.



    Atheist Nexus is dead.
    God rest its head.
    Loren, Gwaithmir, and Uncle Fred.



    He had been looking to turn the site over to someone else. There had been a massive screw-up by Ning.

    Thanks for the info. I happened to be looking at AN to see which Ning version they were using.

    Just now hearing about ransomware hitting some companies… maybe AN? Not likely as there’s likely no $ to get from them, but again what’s curious is the disappearance of the twitter account.



    I’m sure some of the problem was Richard becoming all about money, & getting bent out of shape because everybody wasn’t handing over enough, often enough. He started a go fund me page to try to force people into giving, & I always thought go fund me was for people who desperately needed life altering help….not a damn webpage. He never even participated unless he was begging, & said as long as he got his money, it didn’t matter to him how many of the membership was lost…..even if it was half or more. Who the hell wants to stick around with that arrogance?



    And i don’t get the handle, Brother Richard. Yeah i am a weirdo.

    But If there was an arrearage why not make an announcement and indicate exactly how much is due by a certain date and barring the funds the site is history. Make it an ultimatum. Don’t keep it secret.



    Because he couldn’t quite let go of his place in religion. I refuse to use his term.

    As for the money, it was never enough anyway because he wanted more, more, more, & he began telling people how much to donate each month, & he never considered the exchange rate between US & Canadian funds either. He did have a ”goal” on the go fund me, but he never came close….ever, but he wanted that goal every year!

    I left because of him, but I have made many good friends from there, & email some of them regularly.



    So it sounds like a pulling of the plug due to lack of funds, but imo pulled off somewhat spitefully. Twitter addresses cost no money, so what reason is there to just abandon it? Which is what made me wonder if some other party hacked the AN org.

    Just my wild guesses, since I was not following anything that was going on there.

    Thanks again, Jade. 🙂



    I’ve been over at atheistuniverse.net for 7 years now as Mrs.B, & many of my friends from a/n are now joining.



    Thanks for the explanations.

    I don’t see the problem of asking for money, it takes work to run a website and do a good job of it, but there were signs for some years that the site owner wasn’t willing to do what it would take really to keep the momentum going.  It’s a bit of a shame that it’s gone, but not that surprising.



    Atheist Zone came from Think Atheist (TA). Asking for money was unsuccessful there, so we volunteers (including the new owner of TA) moved here to AZ which costs significantly less to maintain. I think of it as a community service, and wish that any atheist org owner/principal thinking of giving up would reach out to other, similar orgs and offer to combine memberships in one way or another.

    That said, kudos to anyone putting so much time into keeping their atheist project going for so long, without monetary compensation. (I feel the same sentiment for other member-contributors of their time to these sites.)


    Simon Paynton

    Omar and the moderators do a great job at AZ, we’re very lucky.



    Thanks for the appreciation Simon. I have not been giving much time to AZ for a long time because i have a full time job. I shall try to make improvements to AZ.

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