What is the average age of a Ukraine soldier now?

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    It’s 43 and the reason why is…wait for it…wait for it…wait for it… Petroleum politics.

    Part I: Wherein Ukraine’s Y-chromosome pool is being drained as they fight, essentially, an American war. A war which could have been negotiated to an end over a year ago will apparently go on until Ukraine is about 70% female and the average age of a male is about 65. Those aren’t official stats, they are where things may well end up unless people wake up.

    Part II: Why would America care? Russians will never be surging out of landing crafts or falling out of the sky hanging from parachutes to take over America. They’d be obliterated before they got halfway here. Well, the answer is an old one: It’s about who gets ownership or control of the oil. And if you can trick another country to get that oil for you or to open up the European market to American LNG (and, not at cost, noooo…are you nuts?!!!).

    Part III:

    Ukraine is a cash cow. Ukraine is being annihilated and it has nothing to do with defending the hapless people of Ukraine.



    Alex Christoforou is a Canadian political commentator, editor, and the co-founder of the news and analysis website “The Duran.” Together with Alexander Mercouris, he has been involved in providing commentary on various geopolitical issues, international relations, and current affairs. “The Duran” covers a range of topics, including politics, economics, and world events.

    Alexander Mercouris is a British journalist, lawyer, and editor. He is known for his work on geopolitical issues and international relations. Mercouris has been associated with the news and analysis website “The Duran,” where he often provides commentary and analysis on topics such as politics, law, and foreign affairs.



    It’s time to put an end to the misery now that an entire generation of young Ukrainian men has died in the America vs. Russia meatgrinder. Since the only way left to win the war is to commit American soldiers and other NATO soldiers, for which there’s no enthusiasm. Want the draft to come back? Me, either.

    The time for a negotiated settlement passed last year. All Ukraine can hope for now is to sign a surrender document with terms set by Russia. Yes, Russia has lost many tanks and several warships and a few battles, but the material advantage of Russia in manpower, losing only perhaps one Russian for as many as ten Ukrainians, has finally won the war.

    With the average age of a Ukrainian soldier bering 43 and with their soldiers being 16 and 17 year old minors, that means there are a lot of soldiers considerably older than 43. Tanks and jets won’t fix it. Ukraine can’t supply manpower to use them.

    It’s ugly. It’s time to accept reality.



    The mainstream media and the government are trying to figure out a face-saving way of throwing Ukraine under the bus.

    Seems like many months ago I started a thread named something like “Ukraine has already lost.”



    Now that the United States has wasted an entire generstion of young Ukrainian men in its proxy war with Russia, and has turned its attention to assisting Israel in its indiscriminate killing of Palestinian civilians…

    we learn that there could have been a peace deal a year and a half ago except Boris Johnson nixed it. You’ll have to ask him why!

    Top Ukrainian politician David Arakhamia gives seventh confirmation of Russia-Ukraine peace deal agreed in March 2022

    From the article:

    Top Ukrainian politician and presidential advisor David Arakhamia added a seventh confirmation that a peace deal between Russia and Ukraine was agreed in principle in March 2022 that was later shot down by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

    The parliamentary leader of Zelenskiy’s ”Servant of the People” confirmed on November 24 in an interview that internationally mediated negotiations in Istanbul had produced an agreement to bring the fighting in Ukraine to an end.

    “[The Russians] were ready to end the war if we accepted neutrality like Finland once did. And we would make a commitment that we would not join Nato. When we returned from Istanbul Boris Johnson came to Kyiv and said: “We will not sign anything with them at all and let’s just go to war,” Arakhamia said.

    Arakhamia comments back up comments from former German chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, who was also in Istanbul, who also confirmed that a Russia-Ukraine peace deal was nearly reached in the spring of 2022, he said in an interview with Berliner Zeitung on October 21.

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