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    Steve Dustcircle

    If you are an author, what is your website, and what kinds of things do you write?


    Steve Dustcircle


    2015 – Citing Atheists (quotes)
    2015 – Politics for the Disinterested
    2014 – No, I Won’t Buy Your eBook (as editor, cover artist)
    2014 – Mangasarian, Volume One
    2014 – Transport (a novella)
    2014 – Napkins (rare poetry & short stories)
    2014 – The Quotable Dissenting Heretic
    2014 – UnChristianed Nation
    2012 – Before Your First Gig

    Biography –
    Originally from Chicago, Steve Dustcircle comes from a background in religious ministry and music performance, but now has his hand in many forms of activism, mostly focused on free thought and human rights. There is not much he hasn’t done; there is little that he hasn’t read about. Steve lives in Columbus, OH with his frugal-blogger wife, and loves good coffee, cold lager, and stimulating conversation.


    Don Bredes

    I’m a freelance novelist and screenwriter living in northern Vermont. I’ve published six novels. My Hector Bellevance literary suspense trilogy (Harmony/Crown), features a detective who is a Vermont town constable and a freethinker.

    My most recent novel, a YA fantasy, POLLY AND THE ONE AND ONLY WORLD (Green Writers Press, 2014), is set in a much-diminished, post-oil America called the Christian Protectorates, a repressive theocracy. The novel features an atheist teenage witch as its heroine and fundamentalist Christians as its villains. It has been widely and enthusiastically reviewed. For more information about me, anyone interested my visit my website, DonBredes.com, my Amazon author’s page, or an interview with me posted last Friday by Scott Mullins, an astute observer of the contemporary literary scene.

    Here’s a recent review from School Library Journal:

    “The “one and only world” referenced in the title is that of a near-future United States―magical, post-catastrophe, almost familiar, yet chillingly changed. Polly has been sent to the relative safety of her aunt and uncle in Florida to escape the Christian Protectorate government’s purge of her village in Vermont.

    But safety is not possible for a hereditary witch in the fundamentalist police state that America has become. The teen manages to escape capture by the guard with the aid of her familiar, Balthazar the crow. She sets off to find her family, but discovers travel through the wilds of climate cataclysm and institutionalized zealotry is not an easy course. With the help of friends she meets along the way, particularly the freethinking Leon, Polly struggles through betrayal, loss, and capture. With captivating language that draws readers in, Bredes’s writing will inspire teens to revere current freedoms. Though the messages are clear, they are sketched with a light hand, so as not to overwhelm the story.

    The complexity of Polly and Leon as characters is revealed as they experience danger and redemption on their journey. Their relationship grows and develops as they do. Their multidimensionality is wonderfully contrasted with Balthazar’s black-and-white view of the world, which often leads the sometimes naive title character out of danger. A thrilling journey, full of peril, exploit, friendship, and sorrow, this book is sure to find readers.”

    (Genevieve Feldman, School Library Journal)

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    I’m a writer/poet….but I don’t have a website (yet)…where do I start? I would love some tips!


    Don Bredes

    WordPress. I went with Powweb for designs and registering the domain name, etc. It helps to have a friendly 15-year-old in your circle of close acquaintances. He or she will be happy to build a site for you by modeling it on the look of other writers’ sites, those that appeal to you. See mine.


    Steve Dustcircle

    http://www.Wordpress.com is great for me, but could take some getting-used-to, regarding categories vs tags, menus vs widgets, links vs. tabs, etc. http://www.Blogger.com is an easier platform, but I’ve abandoned it for the former. Both show up in search engines, so either is great.

    For a website, you need a welcome page of some sort, an About Me section, a blog or journal for news and updates, and a storefront or list of writings with links to them. Other pages are optional.

    If you want to chew on the idea for a web page for a bit, you can always set up a profile at the writer social media, http://www.Wattpad.com, where you can post writings, ask for reviews and feedback, and you can read others’ writings and post comments.

    If you’re going to publish ebooks (7+ pages), sign up for an account at http://www.smashwords.com – this site publishes to BN/Nook, Sony/Kobo, and iTunes/iBooks.

    Set up a basic profile on either Wattpad or Smashwords, and you can use this as a simple website. Once you publish your first ebook, you can set up an Author page at http://www.Goodreads.com – hopefully you’re already there as a reader or librarian, developing a presence.

    If you need help with publishing, I help run aLife Beyond Books – https://alifebeyondbooks.wordpress.com – I plan on tweeking and adjusting the editing/publishing prices with fresh links for payment. However, I’m not above helping someone out for free or for some credit for work put in.

    Hope this gives you some direction. 🙂




    For years I wrote fiction for a blog I ran under the pen name Jill Hill. It was erotica for women. Jill Hill, the purported author, also figured as a character in many of the stories so it was (what to call it) semi-fictional biography? semi-biographical fiction?

    I have about a dozen books up on Kindle. Here are links to a few of them. Mostly, I wrote short stories but a few were novellas. One series, Roadside Infractions, was split into four novella-length parts adding up to a novel-length road trip Tanya The Assassin in my one novella-length thriller, and I also have a photo how-to book on Kindle which is not listed here because it has my real name on it.

    I am a photographer and all of the cover photos are my own as are the cover designs. Here is a partial list of my Kindle titles:

    Moonlight And Elize

    Something Wonderful This Way Comes

    It Didn’t Stay In Vegas

    Living The Life Of The Rich

    Tanya The Assassin

    Roadside Infractions Pt 1 (4 novellas=1 novel)

    Jungle Love

    Open Wide

    In The Pink

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