Why do Christians try to prove the bible with the bible?

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    Kirk LeFou

    Seriously, Why do Christians try to prove the bible by using the bible? That’s like my trying to prove I’m magic by merely saying I’m magic?


    Simon Mathews

    When something is very important to you I guess you’ll perform any sort of mental gymnastics to make it happen. I once read something where an atheist challenged a Christian on the authenticity of the resurrection under the proviso that each named a single book the other could not quote from or use as a source. I don’t think the theist went ahead with it.



    It’s been said that you can’t use reason to argue someone out of a position or belief that they didn’t accept or arrive at using reason. Since there is no external evidence for the truth of any of the tenets of Christianity, the Bible is all they’re left with. Pointing out to them that their arguments and “evidence” are, therefore, circular is “like trying to beat a pigeon at chess. All he does is strut around knocking over the pieces and crapping on the board.”



    Well at least some of the time, the less clueless ones will try to demonstrate that the Bible is such a remarkable book that only Dog could have written it.

    But I suspect you’re really asking after the true circular argument of the form:

    SteveInCO deserves all your money because every part of this sentence is true.

    Where, of course, they will point to the second half of the sentence to justify the first.

    My stab at an answer is, they probably don’t realize what they’re doing; they’re so caught up in the paradigm of the book being a good authority they don’t realize that their masterful exposition on how everything is all wonderfully consistent and inter-supporting looks to you…like a titanic circular argument.

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    Ron H

    My ultra religious cousin at least acknowledged that the bible was the word of god because it said so. I considered that a major victory on my part.



    Grasping at straws I swear the next one that does that to me I am going to pull out a superman comic and claim he s real using the same”logic” they do


    Thy Plague Doctor

    Because to them the bible is from god so they have to use gods word …to prove its gods word? Not sure but it is mostly the fact that they have been told not to look not to questions. Not to fully think for themselves…believe the lie…simple….


    cecilia fx

    the bible is ALL they have. Some of them just don’t realize it’s full of shit


    Thy Plague Doctor

    Because they have been told that…you have to realize their rationality and critial thought has been remove…they are dumb if anything they could be brilliant but…the light in their head has been dimmer with religion…Don’t hate them or call them dumb…I would rather you feel bad…feel bad for them and try to help them be cured of this PLAGUE.



    the bible is ALL they have. Some of them just don’t realize it’s full of shit

    That’s pretty damn succinct. In fact, there’s probably some rule out there against such short posts. 😛

    Seriously? In 99% of the cases, you’ve nailed it.


    Milton Platt

    I agree….. It’s all they have.



    Why does a windows user say

    but you cannot game on a mac, so why own one?

    And why does Mac user say

    Windows is so stupipd, why can I not just do this#insert something#?

    It is because the logic, they utilise is based on the bible and the statments they use are present in the bible. Or so I think. So basically as @cecilia fx wrote.

    There are a term in modern psychology for this, though I do not recall it. It is mention in cult of the mac . But it is about enforcing believes based on way you believe to be true.



    The latter is simply people liking to get their choices validated, and (largely, on the Mac side) wanting to feel superior to the herds of people who have Windows machines. (You see this in the Linux community as well.)

    Of course that plays into a lot of peoples attitudes towards church, so I’m not sure I’ve made any sort of case against what you just said. 🙂



    As has been stated above, the Bible is all they’ve got and they’re 100 percent invested in it. If they dropped it, their lives would come crashing down around them, they’d have to pick up the pieces and start all over again — like so many of us that are here have done — otherwise known as growing up and facing the facts.

    Former dedicated Windows XP lover, now on a Mac — each have their pluses and minuses.


    Earle Sanborn

    I for one do not. Ezekiel 29/30 is just one of many examples-

    The Eternal was angry with Egypt and gave Egypt/Pharaoh over to The Babylonians -see transcript from Wikipedia below. Guys – there is nothing I can possibly say or do to convince anyone about the stark reality of the Eternal who made all things visible and invisible, nor does He need me to “fight his battles”. I’m a man of numbers and statistics; and fraud investigator as well (CPA, CFE)- not just financials, but science as well.

    I only put this out there because I was and am just like you- human, wanting to know the truth of things, why things are so, etc. All I can say is that each day that passes the archeologists, botanists, biologists report things that confirm things from long ago (2,000-6,000) years ago. Like DNA research showed the Canaanite civilization existed thousand of years ago- this was just confirmed July 27 from the American Journal of Human Genetics.

    FYI- 99% of those who claim they are Christian (Catholics, Protestants) are not- they believe in a compost heap of myth, legend, the Saturnalia (Christmas); Easter after Astarte (the queen of heaven), all rolled into what they call Christianity. Oh my

    Battle of Carchemish
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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