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    Mexico doesn’t “send” drugs North (as Trump said). Rather, it has an uncontrollable cartel problem in that it would either be much richer if it could tax the drug trade or it could afford to quash the cartels if it were as rich as the United States. There is also a problem with 14,000 abandoned oil platforms spewing methane into the atmosphere which it also can’t afford to cap. (BTW, it’s also a problem in the U.S. proper as well.)

    Not only Mexico, but Americans would be better off if Mexico were anywhere near as prosperous as it could be. So, why is Mexico so poor. Well, one major problem is its northern neighbor.



    Hi! Because 95% of the wealth is controlled by the 5% world elite to end Mexico’s collective poverty they should embrace paradism which will give a hundred percent of Mexico’s population,”Moneyless abundance!”



    Before going further, it has to be said that Mexico is poor by the standards America applies to itself, which has to do with average personal or family income, but that hardly tells the whole story.

    Mexicans generally can’t afford a new American or import car. They can’t afford to go on a vacation to Gay Paree. They can’t afford to send their kids to a nice university.

    HOWEVER, they can eat well. Mexico is a major food producer of produce, especially to the United States, due to our proximity. No, Mexicans are not dying in the streets of starvation, and while they don’t export much meat, they have plenty meat to eat domestically, especially chicken and pork, with many rural Mexicans keeping chickens and pigs for that purpose. They also grow their own corn and other produce.

    So, poverty in Mexico is a problem by American standards, and Mexicans wish they could afford some of the consumer products average Americans enjoy, of course, but poverty in Mexico is a whole different animal.

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