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ChatGPT, version GPT-4

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    It’s an impressive upgrade over GPT-3. Microsoft Edge includes its customized interface to it. If you’re not interested in scientific research and papers, or if you don’t want to use Edge, skip the following video and read further on below for my initial summary of the GPT upgrade.

    The free GPT version limits us to 25 queries a day, and the paid version limits us to 25 queries every 3 hours.

    In this post, I’m only including videos that are two weeks old, as of mid-April 2023. I’ve paraphrased the actual video titles.

    Keep in mind that there are other GPT interfaces other than the standard one that OpenAI, the original GPT designer offers. I just haven’t researched them, yet.

    ChatGPT Prompts for Scientific Research and Papers
    10 minutes

    My short experience so far, and a video…

    I’m paying $20/mth for OpenAI’s GPT-4 upgrade service. Note that for each query you make, you select to use GPT-3 that returns answers faster than the free version, or select to use GPT-4 which does not guarantee quick responses. GPT-4 should still be somewhat faster, because of built-in improvements that just make the engine itself work faster.

    This video’s less scientifically niche and is more general, but it’s still made by the same scientist as above.

    GPT Tricks
    17 minutes

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