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What are you currently playing?

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    As for me, I am thoroughly enjoying looking at Geralt of Rivia severing monsters in The Witcher 3, after I installed my new MSI GTX 970. It’s beautiful! I love all the cut-scenes.

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    Hi, I’ve been playing Runescape recently because I just don’t have time to get into anything new. Would like to play more League and Legends and Star Craft 2 in the future though.



    I love MMORPGS, but I’ve never played Runescape, I’m afraid. Is it really good? I don’t have much time either, so if it doesn’t require too much time invested to keep up with the rest, maybe I should try it, or does it take a lot of effort to get to end game content?
    I played WOW for many years, and played FFXIV a lot last year but took a pause after the typical guild drama got boring :p

    I also play Animal Crossing New Leaf every day. It’s one of the few games that actively punishes you for not playing. I must have spent 1000 hours on that game and I still come across new conversations. It’s remarkable.



    @marianne Runescape will consume your life if you let it. Its quite different to other MMORPGs in that combat isn’t the only thing available to you. It’s array of skills are far greater than any other MMO I’ve played. The problem is that alot of the playerbase becomes obsessed with maxing ALL of their skills as quickly as possible (Takes about a year of playing all day every day I think).

    There is an end game (but it shouldn’t really be called an end game), with several bosses of various difficulties. But the vast majority of players are in the mid game, leveling the skills and taking on the lower level bosses.

    If you’re interested, sign up for a free account and check it out. They push membership pretty hard these days but it’s easy enough to just ignore it and play around in the free to play areas for a while.

    I like it because I’ve already spent years playing when I was younger, so when I play now I benefit from all that time spent leveling up and questing and I can start looking more at the higher level bosses and activities.


    Andrew Jameson

    PS4 Elder Scrolls Online. It’s amazing.


    Cesar Deicide

    Currently, lost of things.
    I’m playing OoT3D master quest. I’m locked just outside of Phantom Ganon.
    I’m also playing SMT4, I just got to Kyoto and don’t know where to go or what to do.
    Etrian Odyssey 4 is also on list, but I’m not lost just underleveled.
    However, I’m lost on Okamiden.

    Wii U:
    I haven’t finished Super Mario 3D world, I want to play it with friends.
    I got Wonderful 101, but I don’t have the time to play it.
    Guacameele and Golden Sun are in the same situation.

    Torchlight II: lack of time.
    Brutal Legend: Lineal and boring, lost its charm as soon as it started taking itself seriously.
    Papers, please: fun but no my type.
    MDK2: Hard as fuck and blocked on the third level.

    That’s all from the top of my head.



    Been replaying the classic Sonic games lately.

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