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Dr. John Becker on Religion, Politics, Sex, Life, The Universe, and Everything

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    Fellow Unbelievers,

    Since I discovered them, I just couldn’t resist sharing some excerpts from a great now-classic TV show with an Atheist main character, whom I call Dr. House’s sober and equally cynical relative, Becker:

    Becker: Fighting More Ignorance by Accident Than Most Teachers and Parents Do On Purpose

    Becker: Taking On Political Correctness, Wokeness, and Critical Race Theory, All Before It Was Cool or Even A Thing

    Becker on Jury Duty in A World Where The Khmer Rouge Has Struck

    Becker Pilot Episode, where he reveals his unbelief, and proves you don’t need God or Government to do good (Fast forward to 9:55-11:25 and 16:40-20:00)

    Becker Subway Scene, Consoling a Survivor of a 9/11 Murder Victim

    (I couldn’t find the episodes for these, but here are his pithy quotes:)

    Becker on Religion

    Becker‘s Salutation

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    Fellow Unbelievers,

    Sometimes, even an Atheist needs a believer to get back on his A-game:

    Becker’s Christmas Miracle




    Always liked that show…the three that I  saw anyways


    Thanks for the Becker clips. The show passed me by entirely. Ted Danson always has great comedic timing. Cheers!

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