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    This forum’s for telling us about and linking to your atheism-related writings. If there’s a commercial aspect to it, please be up front about it. If it’s of a more personal nature, you might additionally or prefer to mention it here:

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    I am writing a book about the nature of belief and belief in gods in particular. The premise of the book is to help people with doubts to reason themselves away from god. It will be commercial – if I ever finish it!!! with 10% of profits going to a charity I support.

    More anon……


    Simon Paynton

    I have my web site.  The problem I have (that I identify) is that my writing is very clunky.  It’s difficult to put down bits of facts and research piecemeal and expect it to read nicely.  I notice that other writers on a similar subject (morality) know their material like a charm, and so they can just reel it off when needed, and it really flows.

    I’ve been doing it around 5-6 years, and gone from knowing not a lot to pretty much figuring out the subject, with the help of some excellent giants.  So I’ll just have to go on assimilating the material until I can reel it off like a pro.

    @regthefronkeyfarmer – I feel your book will be a success, since you seem to be very good at that kind of thing (converting people away from religion), and also, good at writing.  What kind of stuff are you putting in it?  Have you considered the “overlapping magisteria” – a scientific treatment of the spiritual meat and drink of religion (i.e. my web site)?  It’s like a “third way”.

    @popebeanie – do you write stuff, have a blog, etc.?



    @simonpaynton I wouldn’t call myself a blogger, yet, as most of my writing is here (and TA) atm. I do have a different identity at some other websites, but I’m not ready to disclose them publicly (because of some of my anti-Scientology rants), and other websites where I publicly store links and themed resources under my real name. I do have a favorite site that catalogs some of my main interests I can PM to you, if you’re interested.


    Thanks Simon, I am 300 pages in but need to stop revising and editing it. Just write it and let someone else proof read it.

    I am in the “NOMA” camp and do not see any need for religion. Science investigates the natural world and religion the alleged supernatural world. As there is only the natural world I see no need for religion. It is obsolete as far as I am concerned. It may have had it uses before the Enlightenment but no longer. It is just lingering on for another few generations. I hope to help it on its way. There are no gods in my world, in my head or in my book.



    @regthefronkeyfarmer I will proof read for you when you’re ready




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