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Gays in Russia.

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    I guess I’ll get the balls rolling here. I’ve been following the many stories about gays in Russia and how they are treated. Beaten, robbed, raped, tossed in jail and even murdered. How sad it is that Trump has not come out once and denounced the treatment of gay people in Russia, even though he calls Putin a wonderful and great leader. I won’t even mention all the other countries that allow similar acts of violence and hate against gay people.

    I read a story on line a couple years ago about this missionary that was traveling to many parts of the world, including Russia, and how he was “preaching” against homosexuality and how all gay people are evil and out to grab the kids, rape them and convert them. It is people like this that continue to stir the hysteria of hate and lies. So much for Christian beliefs of loving everyone and treating everyone the way you want to be treated.  I can think of no other groups or cults that have more hypocrisy in their folds, as in the religious arena.  Especially Islam and Christianity.

    I’d love to hear from many others on this subject and hope to have some open conversations about this.


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