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Symphony of Science: A Respite From Crazy-Makers

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    Fellow Unbelievers,

    This may not be new to some of you, but it’s new to me, and if it’s new to you also, I just had to share it. And if it’s not new to you, at least it’s here to provide a break from today’s pick-and-choose crazy-makers:

    Symphony of Science

    It is the words of today’s greatest scientific minds, autotuned by a composer named melodysheep, set to electronic music, turned into song, and accompanied by the most fantastic visions of what Douglas Adams would call “Life, The Universe, and Everything.”

    And Damn! Is it awesome!

    Enjoy these creations and watch today’s crazy-makers seem trivial by comparison! Then come away with a renewed desire to be unbroken and triumphant!



    When alien life happens across Earth, it will be a blue and brown planet, highly radioactive and inhabited by rats, algae, insects and hardy plants. They will find the golden record, immediately realize it is bullshit and completely destroy the planet and hunt down and vaporize all man-made satellites lest any stray human DNA manages to survive.




    Sorry, I just cannot speak with all of the authority you claim.

    You see, as of yesterday, I died because it was Friday the 13th, of all the gruesome methods Jason Voorhees could dream up!

    Four years back, I died when the FCC repealed “Net Neutrality” and Internet access became charged by the hour and by the e-mail and TV streaming becane as slow as a cartoon flip-book.

    On December 21, 2012, I died from the Mayan Calendar running out of entries and the polarity of the Earth flipping sides.

    I died on May 21, 2011, when Harold Camping forcast Judgenent Day. That first wave of Tribulation got me! It also got me back in 1994, when Harold Camping made the same prediction!

    I died numerous times when Brother R. G. Stair of Walterboro, SC predicted multiple times that Nibiru, a.k.a. Planet X, would crash into Mother Earth.

    (Funny, I thought Planet X was the source of Illudium Phosdex, the shaving cream atom.)

    Brother Stair kept on saying “Look up!” and “Keep Your Eyes On Jeruselem!” (Well how can I do both there, Chester The Molester?)

    (Fortunately, no one has to ask this or anything else of Brother R.G. Stair:)

    Of course, I died when January 1, 2000, Y2K, The New Millennium Bug struck, and I died again that time next year when the real New Millennium struck!

    I died in 1988, when Neo-Nazis were forecasting a “Race War.” What got me was “The Day of The Rope” told of in The Turner Diaries. They had so many signs hanging on me describing all the kinky, freaky-deaky, perverted, “degenerate” reasons I was hung, it weighed down the tree and it fell right on top of those Schickelgrüber Fan Boys!

    I died from all the horrors of both “Nuclear Winter” and fallout caused by “Mutually-Assured Destruction,” as well as all of the “Death, War, Famine, and Pestilence” from The Book of Revelation that was applied to modern times by Hal Lindsey’s The Late, Great Planet Earth. Ol’ Gog and Magog will leave you all agog, by Gog Almighty!

    I died from all the many shortages forecast by The Club of Rome in the Seventies and also during that little wager between Paul Ehrlich and Julian Simon, where the loser Ehrlich was saying Earth had reached it’s carrying capacity.

    I followed in a great tradition because all my predecessors also died when, by Ehrlich’s say-so and sheer dint of numbers, Earth reached it’s carrying capacity 25 times before!

    Not saying that we have no rational justifications to be wary of dangers, of course. It’s just that predictions of these things always hinge on current practice meeting a static future, and both these are subject to far more changes than humans with imperfect knowledge and volition can grasp all at once.

    As Murphy’s computer put it: “The World Will End Yeaterday!” 😁

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    You may wanna recalibrate your miniscule timescale and then think about the success rate (<1%) of all species that at some time thrived. And they did not have the capability (or as I see it the short-term evolutionary mistake) to globally pollute their own planet.




    Natural Selection is a bitch for all species and we’re no exception, but fortunately, it usually works real slow, slow enough for us to come up with solutions.

    Meanwhile, if you have some excess Carbon Dioxide, send it along to SodaStream. Mind you, don’t blow into a balloon and send it. 😁 But if you have ways to reclaim CO2, I’m sure their cartridge-recycling facilities can use it and will pay you well.

    The people at SodaStream are a firm actually doing more than virtue-signalling on the environment, peace, and the high cost of beverages in our era of inflation.

    The bottles they use for their home soda machines are durable and save thousand of plastic sida bottles from entering landfills and oceans.

    Their CO2 cartridges are recycleable and they have that end of the business side-by-side with their soda machines. (EV makers, take notes and do the same with charging stations and batteries.)

    Their soda machines help the consumer make their own custom-crafted soft drinks and mixers for alcohol libations, such as my own sugarless ginger ale that cleans my sinuses right out.

    And best yet, SodaStream is an Israeli firm of both Arabs and Jews who just want to get through a damn day without killing, make a solid product, and maybe turn a profit along the way. Gotta love that, though the BDS crowd doesn’t. Oh well, no soda for them! 👨

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    Natural Selection is a bitch for all species and we’re no exception, but fortunately, it usually works real slow, slow enough for us to come up with solutions.

    Not exactly. It’s the failure of natural selection that leads to extinction. Adaptation occurs too slow and can’t keep up with a rapidly changing environment. I read scientists think that 20% (and counting) of living species are currently headed for extinction right now because of human activity. We are toast and don’t even know it.

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