Sunday School

Sunday School 15th November 2020.

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    You wrote:

    Anyway, you’re clearly not into industrial rock, or you’d know there is no “The” in “Nine Inch Nails.” LOL

    I guess you could call them The Nine Inch Nails as a way to distinguish them, just like people called Clint Eastwood’s character The Josey Wales…

    Or, dare I say it, the same way some people called Jesus The Christ. 😁

    At this point, the female member of the cross-format IHeart Radio Morning-Zoo-Crew-Nut-Hut would reply to me by saying: “*Tsk-tsk!* Tut-tut!  You’re gonna burn for that one!”



    Yeah, 9 inch nails fell outside my radar. I did once see live a band called the The The but never got to see the band known as the The Band.  Ouch…sorry 🙂


    Simon Paynton

    @robert would have known about Nine Inch Nails.  Something’s definitely happened to him.  🙁

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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