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Sunday School 21st May 2023

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    The importance of religion in the lives of Americans is on the decline while many more are switching religions to the ones they previously considered false. The Liars for Jesus will continue to make money out of them.

    The decrease in religiosity in the U.K. is not an attack on religious freedom and the government should not “do religion”. People are either leaving religion or not being indoctrinated into it in the first place. The West is not veering “chaotically towards an imagined secular utopia” as some deluded scribe writes. British people are wary of religion but at ease with religious difference.

    FFRF: The Cuddly One calling abusive priests ‘brothers’ insults abuse victims.

    Citizens’ rights are trampled upon when religion is allowed to influence the law.

    The Department of Education updates guidance on public school prayer while this atheist’s kids filmed their bus driver preaching on the way to school.

    Co-workers could bear costs of accommodating religious employees in the workplace if Supreme Court tosses out 46-year-old precedent.

    What it’s like raising a child as an Atheist in the Bible Belt.

    31 things that shook people’s faith In Religion.

    World of Woo: On endangering public morals!

    Environment: The clean energy milestone the world is set to pass in 2023.

    Modern humans arose after 2 distinct groups in Africa mated over thousands of years.

    Did life evolve more than once?

    Neuroscience is beginning to provide clues about the emergence of human consciousness.

    David Hume and Immanuel Kant on Causation.

    The myth of value-free science.

    Long Reads: The war on poverty did not fail. Unlocking the mysteries of the Dark Universe. By fighting the Ozone Hole, we accidentally saved ourselves. A form of physics called Assembly Theory suggests Time has a physical size.

    Sunday Book Club: Any book by Martin Amis.

    Some photographs taken last week.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil……

    Coffee Break Video: The Universe is unimaginably big. “Aliens built the pyramids” and other absurdities of pseudo-archaeology.


    “What I have found in my 60 laps of the Sun is that those who are most concerned about ‘attacks’ on their faith are those who doubt the reality of their faith in the first place. They are not at peace but in turmoil that they might be wrong – and believe only by forcing others to believe as they do are they somehow justified by the sheer number of fellow believers. For those who are at peace in their beliefs aren’t phased at all by those whose beliefs differ.”

    Ray Williams, a letter in the WP taken from this article.



    Thanks, Reg!!



    Yeah, I know, calling abusing priests “brothers” is both both bothersome and creepy, but speaking as someone who grew up “in the fold,” Christianity is all about forgiveness and redemption, which is both its saving grace and its fatal flaw.



    Reading the Friendly Atheist article steered me to a positive story:

    The joy of seeing a NASA official swear her oath on Carl Sagan’s “Pale Blue Dot”




    World of Woo: On endangering public morals!

    Great story from The American Council on Science and Health!

    An added absurdity to the drug laws: If a drug is classified under Schedule 1 and thus has “no approved human use,” no one is allowed to do medical research on the drug to find ways to eliminate the harmful effects of the drug and thus find good human uses for the drug. That is the real threat to the morality of “First, do no harm.”

    If drugs and drug plants such as Opium could be Genetically-Modified or Chemically-Modified to kill pain and not people, we could end these thousands of “deaths of despair” taking place at this time.

    And if drug plants such as Marijuana and Opium could be legally grown in the U.S. in mass quantities using techniques of Norman Borlaug’s Green Revolution, these drugs could be as cheap as candy and undercut the profits of organized crime such as The Mafia and Mexico’s Cartels, as well as undercut Islamic Narco-Terrorism funding the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, the Kosovo Liberation Army, and The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan.

    I’m ready to invest in the Initial Public Offering for Death-B-Gone Opioid Pain Reliever whenever it becomes available. Poppies will put unreason and terror to sleeeeep! 🧙🌷

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